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  1. Coming March 12...

    Whatever they are, hopefully they'll make one that does something around 3000 per side @ 2 ohms to satisfy us Nexo lovers. ITech 6000's would have been perfect but we couldn't use them due to the DSP latency. My ITech 4000's are kickin' *beep* on monitor duty though!! So please Crown, make me a 3000 @ 2 ohm ITech with no DSP !!!!
  2. I own a total of 8 now. Two 4000's running mids. Two 6000's running subs. And four more 4000's which run four biamped mixes, or eight passive mixes. I'm still running my highs with Ma1200's, but I'm about to order two CTs600's since Crown won't make a I-Tech 2000. I'd really like my main racks to be loaded with all I-Techs, but I just can't afford another pair of 4000's to run some little 2" drivers.
  3. What's the deal with all the errors using IQwic8 and updated Itech 2.0 amps? I never had one error with IQwic7 on 1.3 Itechs. Now, just about every adjustment I make the window pops up and gives me an error message. Out of range, offline, etc..
  4. Itechs

    Oh yes, that is brilliant advice. Thank you so much, oh great master of the EQ. May we bow down again and forever receive the limitless body of your infinite wisdom. You truly are the master of all things wise & great.
  5. Hey guys. Is there any way to get rid of the splash screen? Yes, I know, it's only a second or so long, but that's not the problem. The problem is.. It's stupid, and really annoying. Like we really need to see a giant full screen advertisement for a piece of FREE software. Oh and btw, '-nosplash' after the target does not work, already tried it.