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  1. I'm trying to figure out the increase in decibels if I add another speaker to an amp. For instance the setup I'm dealing with involves a CE-1000 with an 8ohm load on it, which makes the amp put out 900 watts. Now if I put a 4ohm load on it via daisy chaining two 8ohm speakers together the amp puts out 1100 watts, but for the sake of this topic lets say it still only puts out 900 watts. I know I have doubled the cone surface area (the speakers are indentical) but still have only 900 watts. Will this result in a 3db increase, 6db increase, or no increase at all? I keep hearing if you add another speaker you will get a 3 db increase but I didn't know if that meant with another amp channel feeding the same amount of power to the new speaker or dividing up what you already had feeding the first speaker. Very clear descpriptions of whats going on here would be greatly appreciated