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  1. CTS2000 Power Flickering

    Now THAT was funny. sorry. Actually mice LOVE the fodder that ends up inside a severely abused (not cleaned for years) amp. Perrfect for nests. Seriuosly, I have seen it. not sayin' where...
  2. Is there any way I can get the service manual for a cts 3000? Thanks for your time. Matt Jordan maxxsounds Audio co. Boise, ID
  3. CTS 3000 Clip light stays on.

    Channel two passes audio fine
  4. Powered up one of 6 CTS 3000's on sub duty. Running stereo 8 ohms. Channel two instantly goes into steady on clip light with no other lights on except ready lights steady on both channels. Unplugged all inputs and outputs with same result. Thoughts?
  5. Where can I find a CTS 3000 schematic or service manual for out of warranty repair? Thanks ahead of time, -Matt
  6. Coming March 12...

    It's the anniversary issue of the macrotech. Black casings, silver or gold knobs. What do I win Bob?
  7. Is there a difference between the I-tech and the cts series besides the dsp and chasis? What would the differences be? I was told that the cts was just an install version of the I-tech without the dsp. Is this true?
  8. Hi, I have a rack of 4 crown microtech 2400's running subs on an install. I am setting up gain structure with a dbx driverack 260. I have one MACROtech 2402 as a spare. Are these two amps similar? I was wondering if I could use the clip lights on the Macrotech 2402 to set the limiters on the 260, ( the microtechs don't have any clip lights) and then switch over to the Microtechs? Thanks, cheers, Matt Jordan
  9. Hi all, This might be silly but here goes....How do you tell if a microtech 2400 is clipping? I have seen in situations of heat, or short, the odep red lights start to dim or go completely out. I need to know when I am at the clip threshold to set the gain structure of other gear. Thanks, Matt Jordan