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  1. One way that's pretty simple. For a mono system, take one mixer out into one side of Samson X-over. Take low out of X-over and go into XTI 4000 amp (set to bridged mono mode) and connect the subs to that amp via daisy chaining one sub to the next and connecting to spkr out #1. That takes care of your low end. Now, take the mid/hi out of the X-over and go into the first CE 4000 and connect 2 JBL's (one to each spkr out). This amp should be run stereo. Now you can tap that amps input (check manual for specifics) and send that to the next CE 4000 and duplicate your connections with the last 2 JBL's. This amp should also be stereo mode. Now you wont have stereo per se, but it'll work. The other alternative is to do stereo at the X-over (2 outs of mixer into each side of the X-Over inputs) and then you'd have two low outs going into the two ins on the XTI 4000 amp (now set in stereo mode) with one sub connected to each spkr output (this might be a lil underpowered for you though). You would then take the 2 separate mid/hi outs and go to each amp (set in stereo mode) separately and then connect the JBL's (2 per amp; 1 spkr per spkr out jack) which will then give you stereo playback capability. Hope this helps
  2. Crown Ultratech 2020 help

    The UT 2020 (same as a CE-2000) only puts out 400wt @ 8ohm per channel and 660wt@ 4ohm per channel. Currently if you are running your JBL tops in stereo (I'm assuming yes and I'm also assuming these are UNPOWERED versions, correct??) then you're fine for JUST the JBL's. Now, if you want to run the 2 JBL's off one channel of the UT2020, you'd be fine there too (as the 4ohm rating-660wts-is adequate to handle both of those daisy chained together on one side). However, if you're talking about adding the CV Earthquake JR (model JE-36C-18" Folded Horn model), then you would be underpowering the sub off of the other channel of the UT-2020. The JE-36 has a rating of 500wt continuous (RMS) and 1000 wt peak. See specs below. SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Response 35 Hz – 300 Hz Power Capacity 500 w continuous (RMS) / 1000 w Peak Recommended Amplifier Power 750 w – 1000 w @ 8 ohms Input Connectors ¼” Phono, Speakon Sensitivity (1 w /1 m) 106 dB Nominal Impedance 8 ohms Dimensions (H x W x D) 36” x 24” x 24” 91.4 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm You would want an amp that would be anywhere between .80-1.25x the Program rating of the spkr cab you're looking to power. Personally, I always try to have at least 1.5X the power (especially on subs) as you want to have headroom available (no amp clipping). I would buy another amp and then you could either set the UT-2020 in bridged mono mode (1320 wts @ 8ohm) and use that for just the sub and use the new amp (in stereo) for the 2 JBL tops. If that new amp has higher power output, you could even run the 2 JBL tops off of one channel of that amp and then have an additional channel available for expansion (monitors for eg). Hope this helps.

    Steve: Here's a few ways: Mono or Stereo Out(s) of mixer into Drive Rack PA. Low Out(s) of DRPA into XS-1200 then connect Subs (one to each channel of XS-1200). If DRPA only has one low out, use Y cable to get to both inputs of XS-1200. This would give you the 4ohm load for each channel and the amp would supply 1100 watts to each sub. You can't bridge mono that amp and connect the 2 subs (daisy chained one off the other) cuz you'll be goin down to 2 ohm load...not good for that amp. OR you could go out of the DRPA and set each xti2000 to bridge mono and connect one sub to each amp. That would give you 2000 watts to each but you'll be over the peak power rating of the MRX-518's (1600 watts). If you don't clip your output signals you'll probably be alright. Remember the .80 to 1.25 rule. Basically when matching amps to spkrs you want an amp that gets anywhere within that range of what the spkrs PROGRAM power rating is at the specified ohm load. Now if you opted for the first suggestion you could now use the xti2000's for your mains and monitor(s). Come out of your DRPA's mid/high output (s)(the boxes aren't biampable) and connect to one of the xti2000 set to bridged mono mode. Connect to input 1 on xti and then connect both mains (daisy chained) to spkr/out on xti chnl 1. Now you're running a 4ohm load with an amp that will push 1000wts to each box (ttl of 2000wts). This is within range for those boxes. Take an aux or monitor send from your board and connect that to one channel of your other xti2000 for the one MRx-512 monitor. This will be a little under powered for your application but for now it should work. Buy another one of those then you will set the xti to bridged mono mode and connect the same way as above. Now for the other stuff. If the DRPA has limiting, compression, crossover, etc all built in then that will allow you to use your outboard other dbx stuff for channel inserts (lead vox, kick, snare etc) and the DRPA can be set to act as a limiter before it hits any of your amps inputs (protects you if some idiot comes up and cranks the main fader outs on your board while you're not looking). I would not use the BBE unit on your mix at all. Maybe as an insert for a guitar/acoustic etc...but not on your overall mix. As for the xti's internal processing..I would try it both ways. Find the spkrs in the menu and select them, run the system and see what your ears tell you. I have heard many people go that route and others simply bypass that stuff, adjust their crossover freq's in their DRPA, set their EQ's in their DRPA and their fine with it. It's going to take some trial and error. As for the mounting of stuff in the racks, I would go with whatever you would need for "must have" shows in one rack and then a smaller rack for the add on stuff that might be required for a larger show. I know I have one rack that houses 2 amps, 1 x-over and 1 mono 31 band EQ (for FOH/Mains). This rack goes with us to all shows. It's our "Must Have" rack. I can run mains and monitors off of one amp (XS-1200) and still have an XS-900 as back-up in case of failure). I can also put the XS-900 in bridged mono mode and run it with my subs for slightly larger rooms. My other rack contains dbx stereo comp/limiter, 1 Peavey 31 Band Monitor EQ with FLS (feedback location), and some select rack fx that I can patch into individual channels if needed. We use an Allen & Heath MixWizard so it has fx already in it which are fine for what we need and I don't need the Peavey EQ for monitors most of the time hence that's why rack 2 only goes out for larger shows where I'm gonna be running multiple monitor mixes. Lastly I have one small rack that houses an additional 2 amps (CE-2000 and QSC-1450) that I use in conjunction with the other 2 racks above. All of this allows me the capability to run a system as large as: 2 Bag End 18" Subs (with Eminence Omega Pro-18A's in each...modified the ports). XS-1200 can be bridged putting 3000 watts to these OR the XS-900 can be bridged for 2500 watts to the subs. 2 JBL MPro 225 Mid/High boxes for mains/FOH (only take them out if it's a larger room). If these are used, they are run off of the XS-900 (one box per channel for a total of 1800 watts or 900 each) in conjunction with the XS-1200 powering me a total of 4800 watts FOH. Not bad. 2 Yamaha Club SM-15IV's (used mostly for mains/tops). One side of the XS-1200...each box gets 550watts. These are our primary tops that go out to most shows. Monitors: 3 Yamaha Club SM-12IV's. Other side of the XS-1200. 1 JBL Sound Factor 112 ....our singer loves it. Either on same side as the XS-1200 above or one side of the XS-900, or I can just use one of the other amps. I believe that the way I have this system racked allows me to easily grab just what I need for the gig and not kill my back while trying to move one huge rack, ya know?? I'm not familiar with the input panel connections so I won't go there on that. As for the power conditioners....well I think you know what should be connected...all of the stuff Hope this helps. Regards, Glenn
  4. Hi Dave, Wanted to post this with the hopes I could get an answer quickly. You've always helped me before so here it goes. I have an older UT 2020 (Ce2000) that recently the fan stopped working. It then went into fault protection mode and quit. Reset circuit breaker and waited til amp cooled down and finally it came back on and again only lasted about 5-10minutes before same thing occured. My service tech company has called you folks to obtain a schematic and is waiting to hear back (he left a vm msg) but I spoke to him (when he was callin me to give me a status update) and I told him I would post the question here as well so that I too know how the fan works. My questions: 1) Is/does the fan run continuously on this unit (I couldn't recall)?? 2) If not, is there a thermostat or fan sensor switch that controls fan on/off?? and if there is either...just where the heck is it located because it's not on the heat sink (which is where my repair tech/company thought it might be). Right now, as it stands, he's gettin no voltage out the fan so our assumptions would have to be that there is a thermostat or fan sensor switch located somewhere else, correct?? HELP!! Thanks Dave in advance....CROWN RULES!!!
  5. What you have is the second version of the manual that was only out for a short time. And yes that was a mistake in that manual. However again: Either way the Channel 2 level control wouldn't do anything as it is bypassed by the Bridge-Mono switch. We also place on the front of the manual the following disclaimer: "This manual does not include all the details of design, production, or variations of the equipment. Nor does it cover every possible situation which may arise during installation, operation or maintenance. The information provided in this manual was deemed accurate as of the publication date. However, updates to this information may have occured. To obtain the latest version of this manual, please visit the Crown website at" As I mentioned yesterday be aware: Except for the very early models the SpeakOn connector can be used for Bridge-Mono. The very early models did not come wired to do Bridge-Mono from the SpeakOn connector. Since you have a manual from 2003 you may have one of the first shipment that wasn't wired to do this. In this case the only option is to use the Banana Plugs for Bridge-Mono. Thanks Dave. I will only use the binding post/banana plug connection.
  6. Sure Dave, It is 136268-2 And it was printed 06/03. Let me know. And thanks again for your help.
  7. Hi Dave, I appreciate the response back. I know it sounds/reads weird but here it is out of page 9, Section 2 Setup. 2.6.2 Bridge-Mono Mode Typical input and ouput wiring is shown in Figs 2.10 and 2.11 (shows pics of 2 channel model hook-up and 4300 hook-up respectively) Note: Crown provides a reference of wiring pin assignments for commonly used connector types in the Crown Amp Application Guide available at www.crownaudio. Outputs: Connect the speaker across the red binding posts of ea channel. Do not use the black binding posts when the amp is being operated in Bridge-Mono mode. Important Set the Bridge/Normal Switch to "Bridge" Note: The Channel 1 and 2 level controls MUST be set to identical settings when operating the Xs amplifier in Bridge-Mono mode. If you would like me to fax this to you, I can so you can have it on file. Now, can I use just a regular speak-on cable and just use output 1 speakon jack or do I have to use the banana/binding post??? I have the banana post (male) to female 1/4" adapter there now, but I just always worry that it's not a very secure connection...know what I mean?? Anyway, thanks again for the clarification..YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!
  8. Mr. Glass, I need your help. I have owned an XS-900 amp for a the last 3 1/2 years and I purchased new. The manual states that when you run the amp in Bridged Mono mode to make sure that the channel 1 AND channel 2 input are set IDENTICALLY. Now I question this because I just ordered an XS-1200 and I looked up the manual on-line and it says to only set channel 1 input control. The manual that came with the 900 does not list the 1200 specs in it, just the 500, 700, 900 and 4300 series. But when I look at the online version (which I am assuming will be the version that is included with my 1200 purchase) it lists 500, 700, 900 and 1200 series but no 4300. So, am I to assume this was a typo in the first manual or did the specs change to where you used to have to set it that way but later on, it was changed?? My other Crown amp (UT-2020, essentially a CE-2000) says to only use channel 1 input control and to turn channel 2's control off. Believe it or not, I never had to use the 900 in Bridged Mode so that's why I question this. Lastly, I will be running the XS-1200 in Bridged Mono mode to drive (2) Bag End 18" subs (1x18 per cab). I changed the drivers to Eminence Omega Pro-18A's that are rated at 800 watts and 1600 watts for Music Program each. These are 8ohm speakers too. So I ask, will running the XS-1200 in Bridged Mono mode be sufficiient?? I've looked through the previous threads on your .8/1.25 rule and I think I'll be OK. I'll use the XS-900 to power 2 JBL MPro-225's (rated at 500watts, 1000 Continuous, 2000 peak at 4ohms each). I'll use this amp in stereo mode so I'm looking at F.O.H. totaling 3000 watts to subs, 1800 to the 2 JBL tops for 4800 total. Sound good?? Let me know.