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  1. Hello again, Here's my set up (still with a unstable Windows XP), and very simplified: Mac OS: Set the network to: Ethernet and DHCP. Subnet: Virtal PC app: Set networking to: Shared networking, ethernet Windows XP: Set TCP/IP panel to: obtain IP with DHCP Subnet: (IP looking like: I-Tech: Did nothing (IP looking like: It took a few of hours getting here, and I can't recall all steps I did on the way , but in the end things just started working .... Hopefully some can find this info helpful. I'm back to see if I can make the XP stable and being able to put my trust in it when on the gig. regards profpot
  2. I'm up and going with the set up. Virtual PC/Windows XP on my Powerbook G4. There are some bugs with other windows programs (Explorer mostly), so the system is not stable enough for proffesional use. There's too much registering and setups going on in Windows, and it may well take as long to fill in all the setup forms as to install the system . I'll install the software on the Mac OS 10.4 I've just installed, and see if I'm able to get a more stable system going without those Windows bugs poppin all over the place. I'll post the setup when I'm up and going with the 10.4 system. regards O.E. Sandbakken
  3. Thanks, I'll give i a try. I'll come back and give a update on my experiences regarding this set up. regards O.E Sandbakken
  4. I guess You have heard this before, but I can't find related topics in Your database. I have prefered Mac for over 10 years now, and have absolutely no plans for bying a Windows laptop to set up my ITech amps. So my Q's are: -Will there be a software version for the Macintosh OSX platform in the future? -Will the program Virtual PC (for running Windows app. on Mac systems) be sufficient to set up an IQ Network from my Mac? -Are there any known conflicts in using this solution? Thank You regards O. E Sandbakken Norway