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  1. Hi, Sounds like you did everything correctly. Let me ask a couple questions to see if I can help figure out what is going on? -You said the firmware update failed twice, then you switched to a different amp and it worked. Then you went back to the first amp and tried again, at that point you say: " tried again with amp #1 and it got as far as assigning a serial # and the laptop window said something like "serial# programmed" over and over again till I hit "abort" and every time I tried after that I only got as far as step # 9 again." If you got the serial # programmed message, then you are done. Here is how we can check. While this amp is running, hold all three front panel buttons down at the same time for about three seconds. Until you see the LCD start to display some other info. Release the buttons. This is a diagnostic mode and will display the current temperature on each sensor in the amp and the current firmware version number. Use the Up/Down buttons to navigate between the screens and press the Enter button to exit. Now, what firmware version is displayed? If it is, you are done. Otherwise, we can try something else. When you run the CLoader Utility what is displayed in the message window? "Crown XTi1000 USB Driver Version 1.100" or something like this? Thanks, Dave B.