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  1. Hi Tobi, that´s right. In offline Modus you can´t change Gain voltage or input sensitivity. The reason is that the software doesn´t know if the settings are for a 4000/6000/8000 i-tech. kind regards Adi
  2. Thanks Brad for your reply! I download the .pdf and have now something to read. I let you know, if there are still questions thx Adi
  3. Yes Marty, wrote you a PM on this @ a different forum thx Adi
  4. Hi @all I use I-Tech with a different brand than JBL (...shame on me) So my problem is, how can i set the gainstructure for my different system-output´s? Are the "dB"´s at the output-scale relative or weighted to "dBu"??? I have to gain the high´s and the mid´s -8 dB ; the low´s must be raise about 3 dB and the sub´s need + 5 dB --- that are the controller-settings by the employer So with an ashley or Bss- DSP i can set the Output-Gain´the recommended level´s , but how can i do this in the IQwic -software? Maybe a stupid question, but i don´t find a answer. Hope someone can help Thanks Adi