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  1. K-Series Noise Gate?

    My I-Tech does the same thing and I have been wanting to ask that same question about it.If it has a gate,I have never activated it.I'll be looking forward to replies to this thread.I know it is a different model than yours but It could be doing the same thing.
  2. Thanks David.I'm really a green horn to all things computer related.When you speak of features,what might those be? I'm looking in the $2-300.00 range. We just need the switch for right now.One that would bolt into a rack would be nice.I appreciate your time David. J.W.
  3. Hi. Can someone recommend a dependable,rack mountable Ethernet switch for a rack full of I-Techs? It doesn't have to be the best,but it needs to be dependable and rack mountable and have at least 6 or 8 ports.We may want to go wireless in the future.However,for right now we just need to get these puppies up and running.Thanks in advance.J.W.