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  1. Macro-Tech i Series LED meter

    Thanks Kevin! I'm just running old software. Going to update right now.
  2. The user manual mentions being able to set the front panel LED meter that goes around the input level knob to display as a level meter. Where is the setting for this?
  3. I have an IT4000 that has recently added up to 6dB of output on Channel 2 Only. The even stranger thing is it only happens above 1.3Khz. I tried new firmware and tried a blank preset with no results. Has anyone else had any issue like this?
  4. I just came off a show using Vertec driven by MA5002VZ amps. During the final song of the night, I heard a loud popping sound coming from one side of the PA. after the final beat, everything is muted and the sound continues. I decide to check the racks to find a single amp with channel 1 dropping out of ODEP and lighting up IOC, and then clicking back and forth about 2 seconds apart. Is this another case of bad capacitors?
  5. I-Tech 6000 and SRX728

    Just a thought, The cabinet may be designed to couple to the floor on the horizontal plane. when stood up vertically, you loose the coupling of the low frequencies to the floor by a quarter wave, thereby you supposedly lost 1/2 your low end, or 3dB.
  6. IQ Schools Planned?

    looking forward to the new IQ Certification. Will it also include HiQnet?
  7. it-4000 & vrx 932

    I have a set of presets for VRX932, bi-amped on a IT4000/6000 (Highs and lows) and have the SRX equivalant for the VRX918s on an IT8000. Thats about as close as I have. Let me know if you are willing to go with these. if so, shoot me an e-mail. 2672[/snapback] I've checked all my files. I also have 4 VRX 932LA bi-amped on a single IT6000. Let me know if this would help either. -Jeff
  8. it-4000 & vrx 932

    I have a set of presets for VRX932, bi-amped on a IT4000/6000 (Highs and lows) and have the SRX equivalant for the VRX918s on an IT8000. Thats about as close as I have. Let me know if you are willing to go with these. if so, shoot me an e-mail.
  9. trouble with i-Tech 6000

    just out of curiosity, are you going to a network switch/hub, or are you going direct to your computer. If to a switch/hub, a normal ethernet cable will do fine. However if direct to a computer, a crossover cable would be necessary. Also in my experience, I have had to have both the computer and the amplifier set to the same network subnet and IP table, as well as be directed to the same router, even if one doesn't exist. Crown may be able to assist you in this, but hopefully some of this info helps you.
  10. i-Tech configuration

    Actually I was suggesting using the settings from the tunings PDF. SRX 700 Tunings for DR260
  11. i-Tech configuration

    For iTech settings, i've been using the provided setting for a driverack 260 and "adapt" them to match iTech "lingo." Basically, find the driverack 260 setting that matches closest to your setup, program the low into the IT6000 and the high into the IT4000. Take a listen, and then balance the tops and subs accordingly. as for limiting and everything else, i've just been making it so the amp clips as little as possible, hence never, and i'm not over compressing or overdriving anything in the system. Hopefully this helps a little.
  12. iTech Firmware 2.0 Question

    Thanks David. I thought that is what it would be. I'll check back in the next couple of weeks for the new firmware. Until then I'll be sure to keep the RJ45 connected in the back.
  13. This may be a reason you pulled the 2.0 firmware for the iTechs but I'm curious. Last night I was loading in for a show, just got everything wired and powered up the amps. My IT8000 powered up but the knobs didn't do anything, and the amp did not become ready. I could scroll through menus on the amp panel and select things with the knobs, but when I turned the knob, nothing would happen. Also in the display, information seemed to be missing from the IP readout, the Preset readout, and the firmware readout. The interesting thing about the issue, I had a RJ45 loose on the rear of the amp, It doesn't want to lock in, new connector and all. When I plugged the connector all the way in, the amp finished booting and powered right up, If the network connection went down, it would shut off again. I have the amp set to a static IP with a static subnet and also running HiQnet System Architect. Any ideas on what is happening with this amp?
  14. What kind of bug? and should I downgrade back to 1.301 and loose HiQnet support?
  15. crown i-tech

    Depending on your budget, I'd either recommend JBL MPro line or SRX700 Line. The MPro 400 series have some pretty rugged tops and some really nice sounding subs. There's also a dual 15" sub that has some pretty good output. The SRX700 series is all just good sounding. The single 15" top sings on an ITech. The single 18" sub is one of the best sounding and highest output sub i've used for it's size and weight. It all depends on the application. This is just a recommendation based on amp and budget. Shop around and find something that appeals to you. Good Hunting!