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  1. Is this legit?

    I purchased an I-Tech 6000 from this eBay seller. It was a sealed/stapled box with all cables, paperwork in their plastic bags. It had all signs of being factory sealed. There were no visual flaws and no performance flaws either. The amp did show approx 400 hours of use in it's memory. It has performed wonderfully. I have since bought 2 JBL VRX 918S subs from this seller as B-Stock also. That's 3 very small experiences that have me 100% satisfied. If that means anything to anyone... Scott
  2. I also had this when I first set up my system. I just KNEW that an I-Tech 6000 going to (2) 932's and (2) 918's had much more to give. I could only get moderate sound before I had input clip shown in IQwic. The input meter to the far right on the display. I changed the input voltage (from 1.40v to 2.50v) and that allowed me to raise the ouput. Now it is much more balanced (input vs. output metering) and it absolutely KICKS. Seriously, I can't imagine when this system doubles in size.
  3. I have a stereo signal coming from my mixer. In IQwic, it shows Channel 1 and Channel 2 sources as 1, 2 or 1+2. Am I correct that if I sent 1+2 to Channel 1 and 1+2 to Channel 2 that they are each then getting a combined input? Or, in other words, it takes the L/R Stereo input, combines them into a mono (which would solve my problem?)
  4. I was using CAT5 not a Crossover Cable. I'll get one right away and try once I get home Wednesday. Thank you so much. I hope it is as simple as me using the wrong cable. THANKS!!! Scott
  5. I have these exact same problems. The computer and I-Tech 6000 are not seeing each other. Most instructions / advise takes a big assumption that the amp is found and then they move on. Ethernet cable from amp to computer, it's not found. I would like to set my configurations for Friday May 5th and I am off to Dallas Monday-Wednesday. That gives me Thursday and Friday to figure this out. Anyone just west of Milwaukee that can help figure this out? I've had great luck in the past with a Drive Rack 260 and an EAW MX-8750. I had no problems setting them up with the same lap top. I just can't figure this one out. I'll keep searching the forum and help sections as I know I must just have something not set right. Thanks!!! Scott