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  1. GLM?

    Oh well, I was hoping they were Crowns. Thanks for your time & the info.
  2. GLM?

    Sorry, but the only digital camera I have @ home is this lousey cell phone. The black mic is a GLM200 for comparison. The wire around the white 'neck' was not put there be me, it must have been used for positioning the head, like a gooseneck. The screen on 'white' is slightly wider than the GLM200 and sits lower on the body of the head. ...Bad terminology. I know, but I hope this helps. Thanks
  3. GLM?

    I recently bought 4 crown mics from eBay. One of the mics I know is a GLM-200. The other 3 are a mystery. They look just like an older version of a GLM, meaning that the head looks like it's made from a harder material than current GLM's. They are white [or painted white], have very long cords from the diaphram to the XLR connection, and have an "H" on the back side of the head. I've tried to remove the paint @ the XLR where the label would typically be but there is no label. Can anyone help or tell me what brand & model these are? Thanks in advance.