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  1. I got it to work by copying the settings from our other network: IP's in the 192.168.10.x range, with subnet The advantage to this is that I don't have to re-address the laptop when I move from the big network to the individual amps. I could not get it to work using 192.168.4.x and, but it's all good now, and have connected to my loose amps with IQwic 7.1.2 and its Utility. I loaded one amp with the new firmware, but once I got the addressing right, the others came right up too, so that didn't seem to make the difference. Thanks for your help! JC
  2. Thanks, David, that all sounds familiar. Here's where I am now: I set my PC to a fixed IP of and subnet mask I found the PIP in TCPIQ Utility, and sent it an IP of, the same subnet mask, and an IQ address of 1. The Utility now says we're good to go, but IQwic still doesn't find it. I got this result on 2 CTS600's in different locations. My software, while not the latest version, is over a year more recent (11/2003) than the firmware in the PIP (10/02), so I don't think that's it. I will try downloading the latest version anyway. What's the next step? JC
  3. Please refresh my memory: Can I connect my laptop directly to an individual PIP Lite using a crossover cable, or do I have to have a switch to accomplish this? I have a few standalone amps that I just want to check up on from time to time, and have been unsuccessful with direct connection. Both devices acknowledge the network connection, but IQwic does not see the amp/PIP. JC Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Seattle WA
  4. Thanks, David. You are correct, the 8810 in question was a replacement. I will follow your recommendations and let you know how it goes. JC John Coulter Seattle Center
  5. Recently the computer running IQ in our arena system had a hard drive failure, and we had to rebuild it. We did a clean install of Win2K and IQ for Windows 5.1.2, and everything was fine after a little tweaking. The system works, passes all its audio and all the units are online and responding to control page inputs. When engaging a dataframe however, one of the three Prosys 8810 units will spit out this error: Local Ucode Object ID not supported (Loop 1 BSS PS8810C V2.00x 101 Object 16310 Unknown Obj) I checked the firmware on the three 8810's and unit 101 has V2.100, while the other two have V2.001. I also checked the laptop that we use for a backup computer, and the same error appears in its log. It appears that the previous system tech's answer to the problem was to simply disable the visual error reporting. So here are my questions: Should I backdate the firmware on the offending unit, or just turn off the error reporting and forget about it? I repeat, the system works just fine aside from this error on download. Is there a way to identify object 16310 in the unit? (To see if it matters) How would one obtain old firmware and reinstall it? Thanks, JC John Coulter Seattle Center Sound Dept.