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    hi! sir, for your info, this is the first time i installed the USM810, the system is really new and until now i'm trying to learn about the software and the networking. about the connection as of now, i connected 2 pcs condenser mic on ch1 and ch2 and i used 1 output for monitoring and all of my system are connected in power sequencer stabilizer. the problem is, all unwanted signal is coming from the input that there is no any mic connected and if i route to the outputof my monitor the BUZZ sound is coming to the speaker. i hope you undestand now my problem. if you can give me your technical support telephone number i am wiling to call you. my email is JAZTINCALIRE@YAHOO.COM thank you and more power.... note: were plan to connect 2 pcs USM 810 16 pcs CTS 600 at 70v with PIP-USP3 pcs of JBL CONTROL 28T 1 pc PC server 2 laptop 1 PC2002 IMATE

    hi! sir, i'd already checked my system and the problem is that everytime i on the phantom power for each channel of IQusm , there is unwanted signal that is comin to my software. and if i monitor that signal there is buzz sound. i hope you give me some idea for that problem. can i use the IQ USM for 24hours 7 days a week with out shuting down thanx... more power...
  3. Hi! sir, good day to you, i encounter some problem with my 2 pcs IQ USM. there's a BUZZ signal comin to my system without any input signal connected. what should i do? hope you can help me or give me some information. thanks and more power...
  4. HI! SIR, thank you very much for the technical support, everything is working good . but now, i have another question; i need to install 12 mics , 1 cd player, 1 tape deck in to 2pcs of IQUSM With different room or amplifier. can i feed the signal from IQ USM 1 to IQ USM 2, or vice versa? can i install an fx processor that work in 2 iq usm? i hope you can help me thank you and GOD BLESS MORE POWER
  5. SIR, how can i install 2 pcs USM810 to one IBM PC? we have : 2 pcs USM810 1 ethernet swith 16 cts 600 amplifier it is possible that i can control those 2 USM810 at the same time. thank you very much... note: thank you for fast reponding on my last problem about my system. i just download the new version of IQWIC and now its working GOOD. MORE POWER!!!!
  6. dear sir, i hope you can help me for our problem about the IQ connection. we have 8pcs ct 600 with IQ-PIP-USP3, IQ USM, and a hub with pc. i try to connect all the pip3 to the hub and tryin to config the IP address, then i opn the iq wic utility , but it couldn't find all the pip3 that is connnected to the HUB.... the IQ USM is working properly to the IQ for windows which is connected to the RS connection. but we need to work on network. what is wrong with my connection or my settings. i hope you can help me for my problem and thanx... GOD BLESS