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  1. This will make the third one that this has happened to me on. After being used for a little bit (recent one was just one gig) the fans increased in volume. As in they are audiblely louder pulling the air through. It wasn't just after the gig when the amp was warmer and the fans were pulling more through I pulled it out the next morning and let it just run with nothing plugged in and it was still just as loud. It doesnt apear to send any noise into the mix or anything like that but i just dont want them cutting out on me and this being the first sign. The two were being used to power two jbl speakers. They were not cliping or being driven to hard or anything. The most recent one was a XLS402 again powering two JBL speakers. I'm just wondering if this is a common thing that has been come across with these amps or if I some how just am a very unlucky person and got the three that this happened to?