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  1. Once again I don't have an amp in front of me but I am designing. What happens in bridged mono mode? Will both channels of processing show up still? Does one need to treat both channels the same? ie add the same delay to both sides? Or will just one processing side appear and everything is done there? Paul Tucci
  2. Gain structure

    Adi, In firmware version 1.3 there is a new channel gain control available. I believe the range is +/- 24 dB. That is what we are using for a bandwidth level control. It's the only spot I found to gain gain rather than trimming the other bandwidths back. Channel 1 (or 2) Gain is what it is called in the pulldown menu. Tucci
  3. David, It's probably a simple answer but I am working offline only so I can't figure it out myself. Need some help. I am making my control page using ITech using firmware 1 or 2. When I encounter amps with firmware 3 will my control page work? I hope it to be that way. Please explain the process for my migration. Paul
  4. Are there examples of IQWIC control page layouts available? I am specifically looking for a touring rig application with IQ control of ITech amps using the internal DSP as xovers/ delay/ mute functions etc. I want to make something scalable. (8-50 amplifiers) Rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought maybe I could steal some ideas. Naturally, I'd be willing to post my work in return. PT
  5. TLC compressor

    David, Thanks. Seems like you could do a better job of hiding the TLC controls if'n you don't want us to have access to it. PT
  6. While building control pages for an ITech powered system with IQWIC I notice that a TLC compressor shows up in the pull down menus of object linking, but NOT on the amplifier icon when it is opened up? Is it hidden somewhere I don't see yet? PT