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  1. CE 1000 Fan getting stuck...

    Well, I'm having this problem again, but now the fan has stopped completely, and despite any help it wont start again. I've tested the fan and it's fine, starts every time from a 12v power supply. When the amp gets warm (just sitting on the bench, a situation where the fan would normally kick on for 30 seconds or so) the fan output tests only half a volt, so it looks like the problem is with the fan output. What now?
  2. CE 1000 Fan getting stuck...

    Can't say for sure untill it's can be bench tested. But you have two others. 1193[/snapback] Alright, thanks! It hasn't happened again, anyways (knock on wood)...
  3. CE 1000 Fan getting stuck...

    Well, strange thing, the new fan got stuck today. I unjammed it with a butter knife and it's fine, but why did that happen?
  4. CE 1000 Fan getting stuck...

    thanks for the tip. I was able to purchase the NMB 4715KL-05w-b40 fans (that's the oem part) on ebay - I had to buy 3, but they cost a total of $17 shipped, all brand new, and all I did was cut the connector off the old one. They work great. If anybody needs a fan give me a holler... :-)
  5. CE 1000 Fan getting stuck...

    I don't think it is - I've had it for 2 years and I got it o Ebay ;-) So anyway, this would be the same fan, right?
  6. CE 1000 Fan getting stuck...

    I have a technical question now. I called crown parts, and the fan is $50 or something. Since I can buy the same -exact- model number fan at a local parts distributor for NMB (the manufacturer of the fan) I would like to do that. It is only $17. My question is can I cut the plug off my old fan and resolder it to the new one that just has two bare wires? Will this work the same as the crown-made fan?
  7. My crown CE 1000 fan keeps getting stuck; it will work fine, then it will go to start up and will just sit and buzz, unless I give it a little push (I took off the plastic grill). Is this a simple fix, or does it need replaced? And if so can I do this myself?