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  1. Itechs

    Ahhh.... ok DGlass, i didnt even think about the input sensitivity setting. Im gonna have to start like that, and see where that brings me. Does anyone know when the next class will be given in the long island area? I definately need to get into the deeper part of running this IQwic software. Any advice on the parametric EQ issue? Or is that what you were talking about with the filters?
  2. Itechs

    Ok, went from a rack of MA3600's and MA5000's, to a rack of I-tech 4000's and 6000's, highs are FINE, but the lows just dont punch enough, obviously not up to par to the powerhouse 5000's but cant it atleast get close? Someone mentioned to me that if i send the front end into clip, the amp will beef up enough, sound like something possible? if so how do i get to the front end clip? Second... PARAMETRIC EQ, where are you, im really loving the copmuter controlled interface, but i really need a parametric and ive been told there is one, how do i get to it... please help. Thanks