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  1. If you are using 180MA you simply connect the iPod to the RCA-jacks. Cables are availible from your local iPod supplier. Since you only have one source, you might as well use the 180A but you will need to make your own cable with the terminal blocks supplied with the amp. Cut off the RCA-jacks from the cable and teminate with the blocks instead. Cable shield to block "Gnd" and "-" Cable signal to block "+" Either way, I would recommend you use an iPod docking station with line-level outputs (instead of the iPod headphone output). /Chris

    One thing you need to be careful about is to never clip theinput of the amplifier. Set the input sensitivity acordingly. You may want to switch "Max Analog Input" from +15 to +20dB if your mixer is able toput out +20dBu (whitch is very common for a professional mixer) Then in order to get the right amount of output from the amplifier, you turn up the "Bandpass Gain". Something like 4 - 10dB would be normal. If you are running IQwiq or System Architect you can monitor the input and output levels of the amplifier. You can also find I-Tech tunings for the VRX speakers at JBL's website. Chris
  3. system architect prob

    If it was, it's up and running now anyway. HiQnet Chris
  4. I think what David is trying to say, in a politically correct manner, is that ideally you shouldn't run ANY amp in 2 ohms if you can avoid it. No matter witch amp you take, it will run closer to it's limits in 2 ohms than in 4 ohms. If you chose to run your system 2 ohms anyway, the I-Techs are probably the very best amp on the market to handle it! That's my opinion. I'm running a few dance club systems with IT8000s driving subs at 2ohms and have never had any problems with them. Don't worry, be happy! Chris
  5. Hi Kim The width of a filter can be expressed in two ways. As Bandwidth (BW) in Octaves. The higher BW value, the wider the filter. Or it can be expressed in Quality factor (Q), which is what Crown uses. The higher Q value, the narrower the filter. You can mathematically convert one to the other. Here's a link to a such a converter. BW - Q Conversion /Chris
  6. XLS "D" series

    The "D" means it's the new, 4'th generation version of the XLS series. If you check the main Crown website, the "D" version is what you find under Products - Amps - XLS series. The previous versions you will find under Discontinued Products. Chris
  7. Xs900 fans too loud....

    Hi guys We have successfully (so far anyway) modified a bunch of XLS202 amps by fitting a temperature switch on the heatsinks to control the fans. Normally the fans are now turned off completely and only turned on by the switch when the temperature hits 50 centigrade (approx 130 F). It is an easy fix by someone with a little electronics knowledge. The Xs-series have two-speed fans. A circuit controls the speed depending on temperature. Although I haven't tried, I believe it should be possible to have the circuit turn off the fans in the first stage instead of running at "low speed". IMPORTANT NOTE! Any mods like these are NOT sanctioned by Crown and will absolutely void any warranty. It's all on your own responsibility. Chris
  8. Hi guys You might want to check out what's called a "serial port server". It's a device you hook up to your standard ethernet network and that gives you a remote serial port. I have used a Moxa DE-311 with great success together with BSS Soundweb units. I haven't tried with a USM810 but I can't see any reason why it shouldn't work. There are other manufacturers as well but here's a link to Moxa... DE-311 Happy networking Chris
  9. Hi guys What happened to the V2.0 firmware? Was it removed because of some issues? I'm running a show tomorrow. Should I downgrade IQwiq or can I run IQwiq 8.0 with I-Tech V1.3? Or even better can you post 2.0 again? regards Chris
  10. Further testing today gave the following results... Tried a USP3/CN module to receive the CobraNet feed, made the USP3 module to reboot. Hence the sending unit is the problem. (Let's call this the first unit) Did try to reverse the CobraNet flow. Sending from the "second" unit and receiving in the "first". This worked fine. I've made sure all other Bundles are set to "0" and that both units have their own IP and IQ addresses. The IP address of the CM1 module, is that relevant for the function, or is it only used for Cobra Discovery to talk to the modules? One thing I noticed today when running Cobra Discovery is that both PS8810C units show up correct, displaying v2.9.8 in Sys Description. However when I try to load new firmware in the first unit it displays "unknown" as current firmware. As such there are no matching firmware files to be loaded. Is there a way to force a firmware download in this case, if the current firmware has been damaged? And no, there are no "E code" displayed when the ProSys reboots. Only sequencing Sh0..1..2..3 as expected. Haven't checked TCP/IQ Utility for errors (will do tomorrow), but obviously IQwiq Error Window shows "Component Offline" when the unit reboots. (And a few occasional "CN Audio Rx Dropouts" as well) Chris
  11. Hi guys! I've run into a strange problem and wonder if you have any ideas what might be wrong. We're running a system with two PS8810C, a HP Procurve switch and the PC with IQwiq V7.12 (and some CTs amps with PIP-Lites, but they have been removed from the network while troubleshooting). The only CobraNet traffic in the system is one Bundle sent from one PS8810C to the other. Problem comes when we make the CobraNet connection (i.e. setting Tx and Rx Bundles to the same address), then the second PS8810C reboots, randomly a few times a minute. Bundle number, Multicast or Unicast doesn't matter. Turning off the CN traffic and the unit works fine. Any ideas what's wrong? CM1 firmware: 2.9.8 PS8810C firmware: 3.101 Chris
  12. I have a PS8810C V2.101 that I wish to upgrade to TCP/IQ functionality. Does it need more than a firmware update and where can I find the required firmware? Thanks!
  13. I've been wanting to try this myself but haven't gotten to it yet. In the newer versions of IQwiq there is support for Pocket PC devices and there's a complementary software called Pocket IQ. I understand there's some restrictions which devices are supported, and only Pocket PC 2002 should be used. Perhaps someone else can fill in the details. Good luck and let us know how you're doing. Chris
  14. You could use the AUX port of the PIP-Lite. It's a low voltage logic in/output that can be set up to report any type of errors in the amp and hence it may trigger a set of relays and lamps/buzzers. A more comprehensive Indicator Panel could be set up on a PC running IQwiq. Then you may even have the system send you an e-mail if there's a fault. Cheers Chris
  15. Listen Bus

    Hi! When creating a CobraNet listen bus, would you set up the amp PIPs to broadcast into the same bundle number, one at a time of course, and have the reciever permanently set to that bundle? Or would it be better to have amps to send at individual bundle numbers and switch the receiver from one to the other bundle? Chris