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  1. XTI 4000 20hz - 20khz watts?

    "you may well be hearing a 1db step but a 1db of what" It doesn't matter; as you said, we hear differences by ratios. But for the record, I was probably in the low 80's dB SPL range. I'm really disappointed that you continue not to address the issue of the Xti performing way below spec. I don't know what I can do other than conclude you don't dispute the results.
  2. XTi1000 performance questions

    "I've engineered metal bands Arsis and High On Fire, TOURING GRADE METAL BANDS, with a pair of subs that total 2500 watts and the very ground shook. I'm talking 115 dB continuous and 120+ signal peak. If you're doing that in your home, I'll bet your neighbors don't like you very much." Those subs are probably 10 dB more efficient than home subs.
  3. XTI 4000 20hz - 20khz watts?

    "When you compare Crown amps to others you can be guaranteed that Crown amps will meet or exceed the specified output power per channel under a full load." Could you then please address the issues raised in this thread, which seems to have missed your attention. "" Many of us look to pro amps for subwoofersin in home theater, with high demands for sub-20 Hz power placed on them by DVD soundtracks. Also I must take issue with your earlier statement that it takes 2X power to hear a difference. I can easily hear the difference between the 1 dB steps on my volume control, and sometimes wish for 1/2 dB steps. Thanks
  4. K2: Ch 1 overloads w/same input as Ch 2

    Hi David, Sorry, I should have included more info. > Was the amplifier acting the same way with the JBL sub woofers? No > If you change inputs does the Clip light change to the other channel? Both channels received the same signal two different ways - Y'ing from the sub output, and using a single input with the K2's Y input function. > If you swap loads to the other output channel does the clip light follow the load? see above > What position is the amplifiers Bridge-Mono switch in? "out" > Is the IOC light also flashing? yes > Are both Input sensitivity switches of the amplifier in the same position? What are their settings? yes; 1.4 V > If you can put a tone or Pink Noise on both channels and slowly ramp up the drive voltage both channels of the amp should clip at about the same time. The Ch 1 IOC and clip lights illuminate with transients, the Ch2 lights don't turn on at all > If you switch inputs and the clip light follows the input source then there would be an imbalance in the signal source. Per above, the signal source is the same for both channels. Perhaps I can get the clipping to stop by fussing with input/output levels despite there being an imbalance that shouldn't be there. If not, can you hazard a guess as to the repair cost? Thanks Noah
  5. K2: Ch 1 overloads w/same input as Ch 2

    Something else occurred to me - is it possible to overload the K2's input stage before driving the output to clipping? During setup my receiver sends sweeps to all the speakers; at the K2's initial front panel level settings, the subwoofer sweep was making something in the room vibrate. I turned the levels down about a quarter turn so this wouldn't happen, figuring the receiver would compensate. The sub level after setup was +5 dB.
  6. Hi, With both a Y'ed input from my receiver sub output, and also with a single input using the K2's Y function, the Channel 1 input IOC and clip input lights illuminate with bass-heavy transients (dino footstomps and so forth), while the Channel 2 lights do not. I just replaced my JBL 2226 subwoofer drivers with Avalanche 12's and re-ran the EQ on my HK635 receiver. The Av 12's are less efficient, which would presumaby result in higher drive levels to the sub amp from the receiver, but that still doesn't explain why the K2 channels behave differently. I don't hear the clipping, but then there's a lot of other sound happening too, and I don't want to fry my new drivers. Thanks Noah