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  1. Hi all, the CDi datasheet shows that these amplifiers can drive 70V and 100V lines. But there's no setting in System Architect where I can set the voltage line to 100V in a CDi amplifier, the options are only 4/8 ohm and 70V. So, how can I set the CDi amplifier to drive a 100V line? Thank you beforehand. Moreno
  2. Hi, I've got here a USP3/CN module with CobraNet version 2.8.8. Using CN Discovery software I tried to upgrade it, but the software can't find any compatible firmware on the CN firmware directory (which contains the files database.ini, usp3_2_9_16.bin, dpip_2_9_16.bin). Is there anyone who can send me a compatible CN firmware for it? Thanks.
  3. Hi, there's one of my customers who asks if it is possible to upgrade an old CTs8200 amplifier to a new CTs8200/CN. Is it possible? Is the HiQnet module sold separately? thank you beforehand.
  4. Hi all, I wonder if an old IQ-INT2 interface is compatible with the IQGateway software. I'd like to set up an IQ system so to control new IQ-USP3 modules and old IQ-USP2 card which are connected in IQ loops through the IQ-INT2 interface. Thank you beforehand.
  5. Hi Que labels in DP

    Hi, it seems that if you choose "Restore Default Settings" from "Edit" in the VT DP control panel, the label are restored. So you can do this the first time you define the device. Hope this helps. Bye.
  6. IQWIQ & Grey Block

    Hi, my IQwic has got the same strange behaviour. I work with a DELL Inspiron 5100, Win XP Pro SP2, fully updated.
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to control a PS8810C via IR remote. I succeded in it, but only if the ProSys IQ address is set to 1. I changed the address to 2, i.e., and I recompiled all the IR Codes aiming that address, but without success. I'm quite sure that the RC5x codes I can set are correct. So, my question is: is a PS8810C controllable via IR code, even if its IQ address is different from 1?
  8. Constant voltage lines with CTs amplifiers

    Thanks David, fast as always!
  9. Hi all, I see that a CTs 2000 can drive constant voltage lines @70V or @100V. Let's say that I want to drive lines of loudspeakers with tappable transformers (i.e. JBL Control 25 AV). On a particular setting of the tap, the loudspeaker power is 30W if the line is @70V, or 60W if the line is @100V. But on a CTs 2000 amplifier it seems to me that ther user can't set the voltage of the line. So, my question is: who decides the voltage of the lines? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, only a question, in order to implement an IQ Network on a new facility. If I use a CTs2000 to drive a 100V line with (for example) one hundred loudspeakers with transformer (as JBL Control 24CT micro), is it possible to control the failure of only one loudspeaker? Is the load monitoring function of a PIP-LITE so precise? Thank you beforehand.
  11. Hi everybody. I've got a dataframe file involving some IQ PIP USP2 modules. I want to realize another dataframe involving an identical number of IQ PIP USP3 modules with the same internal settings of the previous ones. Is there a way to automatically import the configuration of similar blocks between these two different modules (I mean, parametric filters, compressor settings, and so on...), or do I have to write down another dataframe, setting all the parameters from the beginning? And then, may I be sure that one amplifier equipped with one IQ PIP USP2 or one IQ PIP USP3 module with identical settings, will "sound" the same manner? Thank you.
  12. Hi everybody! (Hi David. Thank you again for coming to Milan...) My questions are: is it possible to manage ad IQ Network via a VPN link? If the answer is positive: is there any rule to remember? If the anwser is positive: may a VPN link go faster than a classic remote desktop link? Thank you. Go on as you already do, IQ Network is really fantastic! Moreno