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  1. New XTi

    Are they going to bee cheaper tha the old xti or?
  2. Does this mean that my system would sound louder if i put for example driverack PA for limiting instead of onboar xti limiter?
  3. Xti 6000 Cable error

    Hahha Bo i love watching your videos! they are fun :D hope you resolve the issues with your amps, good luck !
  4. Need some answers :)

    Hehe i agree with you fud Thank you
  5. Need some answers :)

    That's nice billdo 99, thank you for your answer, but what if they drive the mixer to distortion? i think there is no protection against that
  6. Hi I have a system of 4 fbt maxx6 + 4 fbt verve 18s powered by 3x xti 4k. I often work with dj's taking directly signal from there dj mixer,usually pioneer djm 800/600 . I am experiencing some problems with that setup on how to take care of the output sent by dj mixer? Most dj's tend to go louder as they work and they get there mixer to 3-4 orange lights very often.. then i come and turn down the master or channel gains. but i cannot do that all the time and sometimes maybe i cannot be there.. I know that the problem my xti limiters engage very early is because dj mixer is overloading the amps imput.. hope im right? but how to take care of that ? Does putting a mixer between the amps and the dj mixer solve the problem? (I don't know either if that mixer produces distorted signal on 3-4 orange lights,hope it dosen't ..)
  7. Crown DSI 1000

    Thank you very much Kevin
  8. Hello Crown! I have a nice offer for a new DSI 1000. I would use it for my home system JBL Control sb5 + 4xcontrol 1. The amp is purchased in USA and i am from Europe/Serbia. I heard that there was a period when the psu in DSI amps was not universal, is that true or not? The guy that's selling it is from another part of my country and he says he got only the power cable for 110v and he never try'd it on 220v, he keeps it in the package and the amp was never used. I see on the website that the power is universal but better to ask than to be sorry I have a serial number if it''s needed. Thanks in advance!
  9. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    Ok,my amp was more than a month at the service,the guys were very helpful,they fixed it and they explained everything to me.The problem was in some little connections between the boards,they say there are hundreds or thousands of that connections,they were searching one by one and found that many of them have oxidized and they had to re-solder them and when they did the amp started working. They think the cause of this is moisture but i really dont know what moisture when i keep my amps at my room where the air is very dry.Only when i use the amp outside and that was maybe 20 times.So my amp now is in fully working condition and that costed me 100euro's. I hope that everything now will be ok.
  10. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    It's over 3 weeks now and still no answer :( I'm curious why the warranty is only 1 year? All other manufacturers here give 3 years warranty
  11. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    I sent my xti to authorized service and it's there for about a week and they still don't know what's wrong with it,they say it something to do with the output or the processor,the only bad thing is that here i only have 1 year warranty and it's out of it. I'm really sad about it.
  12. Xti-4000 Start up Failure

    One of my xti4000 has the same problem,tonight it shut it self off and since then it always shuts down like yours,what do i do??? I tried powering it for 10 times now and it's always the same :(
  13. I'm planing on buying more of subs i all ready have, FBT Verve 18s and I'm happy with how they work.My question is,will xti 4000 handle 4 of FBT Verve 18s? since they are 4ohm boxes? or do i need another xti 4000?
  14. I'm Looking For A Real Great Amp That Can Hold My Four JL Audio 13W7-D1.5.

    Free Air Resonance (Fs): 23.5 Hz

    Electrical “Q” (Qes): 0.476

    Mechanical “Q” (Qms): 7.517

    Total Speaker “Q” (Qts): 0.448

    Equivalent Compliance (Vas) 3.68 cu. ft. / 104.3 liters

    One-Way, Linear Excursion (Xmax)*: 1.25 in. / 32 mm

    Reference Efficiency (no): 0.269%