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  1. iTech input level monitoring

    I haven't done that much testing, but I will tell you that the input meter on IQ does NOT seam to correct. The input meter clips way before the output, and that without ANY DSP stuff on and playing around with several input sensitivity settings. The software is screwy.
  2. I have several iTech 4k's, 6k's & 8k's all with firmware version 1.3, which I want to update them to 2.???. I have done all of my presets in IQ and now want to upgrade to System Architect, is there a way to import the files??? I REALLY do not want to manually input all of the parameters. Thanks
  3. If anyone could kindy help me with any of the following questions it would be GREAT! 1. I have my data frame set-up so I can modify the current preset that is saved in the amp. The problem is that if I modify a setting, power down the amp(s) and disconnect them from the network, those changes are still in the amp (this is the problem). I would like to go to my show, adjust the crossover or EQ setting for that show, once the show is over and I pack up the preset in the amp goes back to the original settings. Can I do this? 2. I have created a drop down menu to display and change the current preset. The problem is, the drop down menu does not show the text information, it just shows the current preset number. The filters do the same, it will show “B4” for a Butterworth 4th order 24 db slope, I would like it to display the full text information. Is there a way around this? 3. Is there a way to make a button with just an on/off state? I do not want some of my buttons to have on/off/MIXED. For example; I have individual mute buttons and a master mute. If I have one of the mute buttons on then the master mute is half on and half off. I would like the master button to be either on or off. 4. When linking output attenuators, is there a way to make both faders move at the same time? Right now when the attenuators are linked both channels ARE affected by the change, but I only see the selected fader move, not the other channel. It makes it difficult to know what the other channel is set at. 5. Is there a way of grouping faders? For example; I may want to adjust the output volume of amp1/ch1, amp4/ch2 or any other combination at the same time. Right now I have to adjust each fader individually. 6. Can I adjust a filter for CH1 & CH2 at the same time? 7. I have a numerical spin control for the delay setting, but it only shows the msec value. How can I get it to show the feet? 8. Can I adjust the refresh rate of the network? I find that if I turn an amp on or off it takes about 30-45 seconds before IQ recognizes the change. I can understand that when turning the amp on it may take a while for it to boot up, but turning it off should be reported to the software immediately. 9. Is there an average current draw and input voltage monitor option or perhaps even a peak monitor? It is hard to read the digital display that I have assigned to monitor those parameters because it changes so rapidly. 10. I have several iTech racks and would like to make them all wireless. I was told the best way to do this was to use either an access point OR Ethernet bridge. I would like to be able to use rack #1 and #3 tonight and #8 and #2 tomorrow night without having to change the settings on my laptop. Which unit should I use? Access Point or an Ethernet Bridge? Also will I have to connect a router to my laptop? Or will the built-in wireless be able to connect to the network? Do keep in mind that I want to setup the laptop and access points or bridges ONCE and be able to use any amp rack in any order without always having to change settings. 10a. If I do need to connect a router to my laptop, would it be possible to use Windows XP Ethernet bridge option within the XP software and not use the router? 11. I heard that some routers, access points etc… will not allow you to monitor the iTech parameters, BUT allow to control the amp. Could you recommend hardware that will allow me to use the full capabilities of the IQ software in a wireless environment as stated in question #10, or provide me with the information to look for when purchasing the required hardware?