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  1. I think I found the solution in the 810 manual, so no reply is required. You do it on the front panel
  2. I have a rack with 12 BSS 8810. I am having trouble readdressing them. I connect to them one at a time, right click the object to readdress, change the address, it acts like it takes then loses connection.
  3. David. Thank you for the reply. I understand it is not a null modem but am still not sure of pin# to pin# on the 9 to 25 pin connectors. As near as I can figure out it may be like this 9pin > 25pin. 2rxd>2txd, 3txd>3rxd, 5gnd>?gnd, 7rts>?cts, 8cts>?rts Can you fill in the question marks and is anything else correct? I have the CL090A-F boxes but do not have an information sheet in front of me.
  4. Can anyone tell me the wiring pin-out for a 9pin serial to 25pin Black Box RS232 Interface?
  5. I just shopped and purchased a new laptop. I noticed that laptop manufacturers have stopped installing serial ports. I understand there is a USB serial cable. Does anyone know how we are to connect to our IQ systems without the Serial Port? Is there such a thing as a DB9 USB serial cable? And is there any ticks to making one work?