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  1. ma 1200 resurection?

    I have an older macro tech 1200 amp that smoked one channel. The other one is fine. I've replaced the outputs, 4 diodes that were shorted, the pre drivers and a cap and 0 ohm resistor that was heat damaged. the channel now powers up, the odep light comes on and it shows signal as normal. When you connect a load to the amp the supply rails power goes from +42, -42vdc to -5 +79vdc and the green light (signal) indicates distortion. There is output at the speaker jack, but it sounds like only half the amp is working(clipped, snappy, distorted) I put 6 hours in to this thing last night and am now ready to use the thing as an anchor. Please someone.....anyone..... save this amp from as brutal a death as I can muster.