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  1. Swollen cap in CTS-1200

    Should be adequate!
  2. XTI-1000 Connectivity Problem

    What are u using as application : audio architect or bandmanager? A.
  3. Xti4000 replace lpc2142

    Check the first posts of this forum index. It describes the firmware update process from the initial releases. Also, did you try to update with bandmanager? Or, audio architect? A.
  4. Itech 4000 problem

    Investigate the AC inlet! The green light is an indication that AC voltage is present at the eic connection. Since the green light seems to turn on and off, i suggest checking the input section of the AC input supply. I have seem intermitent leads. A.
  5. I will assume that this experiment has been initiated in a vehicule. What make? Speaker is located in the driver's door? Behind a panel? How did you arrive at the conclusion that the speaker was getting hot? Did you compare with the passenger side? What thermometer were you using? Were readings comparable to both sides? Is the speaker getting hot when not playing program matetial? Not off, but just no levels? Could the heat have been derived from some other conduit? This is not an easy answer to be given. Investigate and report back! A.
  6. Crown 3600 vz

    What transistor did you find and where was it located? Spark? From the relay? Bad sound quality from both channels?

    Very similar to the ce models. Verify and replace the low voltage filter caps; i suggest some 560uf 35v. Also, in the regulator heatsink location, locate and replace the 2.2uf cap. In the high voltage section, verify and replace the 10uf 250v cap. Refurbish the ballast resistors. Also, check the hv bias caps. A.
  8. CE 4000

    Intersting that the Viper chip is available from mouser! Thanks for the tip. The initial low voltage is derived from the flyback module; A 5v supply is also available. I will monitor some through holes on the main board near the flyback board as a reference of the supply to the low voltage rails of the main board. These rails should be easy to detect. If possible, I would refurbish the output section, replace the old thermal paste with a fresh coat, review solder connections, etc. Refurbish the smps side. Last, locate and adjust ulol levels. A.
  9. Output trans don't die without taking some other component. else. Check drive transistors for correct bias. Verify the 1Meg resistors. Replace if necessary.
  10. Swollen cap in CTS-1200

    You hit the issue right on the button! Please replace the C933 470uf 35v cap with a 560uf 35v cap, low esr, 105 degrees. At your earliest before amps fails further! Hope this helps!
  11. Crown Itech HD 12000

    The green light around the power button means that the amp is seeing AC. If you switch off the master switch at the rear of the unit, the AC power indicator will turn off. You may have an smps issue, the power supply appears dead. You may have to see your local Crown repair guy.
  12. iTech 6000 fault lights

    Power down and discharge the main HV rails; Discharge the HV using a 20R 20w resistor (suggestion) between the bleu and red leads on the main smps to bca rails cable. Remove the bca side connection. Power up: if the amp boots up you have an output issue; if the amp still is still problematic, then the smps might be suspicious. You may have an amp with an old 50p connector, between main bca module and input module. Replace this cable. Has this amp had a recent output failure? Make sure that the heatsink and emi insolator is not damaged. The open aluminum area carries HV! And should not make contact with the chassis.
  13. Xti 4000 flickering panel lights

    At this point in time, as long as no nuissance is detected, i'd say, enjoy the amp!
  14. Flashing Thermal Lights

    Hello JB, cts1200 : check the low voltage filter cap section; replace any caps that have changed value. Replace C933 with low esr 560uf 35v cap. Make sure that all regulators are stable and correct. Cts3000 : Whenever output devices are involved, I usually check the temperature foams under the HS forked clamps and replace them. You may also have to reform the clamps when securing the output devices. Refurbish the other three sides to the same standard as the repaired side. Beware of the gate drive card: usually, an output failure may have damaged the gate drive card, upright, between the output devices and filter caps. Verify statically that you have an impedance path at the fet gate circuit.
  15. Macro Tech 3600vz fan issue

    The fanmtor is a two part component : the fan assembly and motor, and the low power supply transformer. The lvps transformer is probably still good; As you commented, the rotor and bearing assembly are probably too damaged to be restored. I would highly recommend that you acquire a fanmotor and use its internal parts, rotor, bearings assembly as replacement parts in the MA. Of course, it is possible that Crown has the correct 3600 replacement fanmotor; then acquire it. Else, use the available generic type.
  16. CE 4000

    There are some pesky .47uf caps smt that are used as reference voltage caps. The smps uses a lot of these caps, thermal control, soft start, etc. if one changed value, the reference voltage is now incorrect, and may indicate failure when none is present (false positive). Check the smps protection circuitry. To protect the output section, I usually disconnect the bca coils from the main board. This seems to disable the output section. Beware, high voltage is still, present!
  17. Check the mode switch when in bridge position?
  18. Channel 1 doesn't distort in this mode?
  19. Xti 4000 flickering panel lights

    Does the display completely disappear? How is the backlight on your units : Display should be bright. If the display appears dim, I recommend its replacement (the whole module, that is). Verify the display part number :current version for xti should read : 138911.5 the dot 5 is important : if below .5, I recommend that you replace the display module.
  20. Crown Cts 2000/3000

    Correct. Also, at the rear, the input card accepts balanced signals : + , G, -. The mono dual switch switches between bridge aand stereo modes. In bridge mode, the left channel input is not routed to any output channel.
  21. Help with Crown D-75

    Verify the high voltage rail filter supply as well as the low voltage filtering. Possible capacitor failure on a rail.
  22. probleme ampli sur jbl prx

    Salut Jean Yves, le problème que tu décris pourrait être relié au bloc d'alimentation. Tu devrais communiquer avec le distributeur jbl local pour prendre un rendez vous de service.
  23. CTS 3000 not powering on

    Good job! Usually, the transformer and fuse only need to be replaced. Alain
  24. Itech repair???

    Bonjour Mike, We are located in Montreal : SC Media Canada Montreal, Quebec, Canada (514) 780-0808 Note : A special 'foam' (Crown p/n 134882-1) is set on one of the output transistors (under the forked clamp) to secure the thermal sensor of that channel. Depending on the heat stress the amps have received, this foam can harden and become useless in sensing the thermal temperature of the output device. I would recommend a yearly investigation of these foams to determine their elasticity; Replace both foams, if one is found hardened. Refurbish other output components (clean and replace thermal paste); Reform clamps before re-installing. Lastly, ajust underlap/overlap level controls ('bias' procedure for BCA amps) of the output carrier signal. Hope this helps! Regards, Alain
  25. Itech repair???

    We (Canada) are still servicing Itechs. However, we've had some IT service refusals from Crown USA, citing parts unavailability (mostly modules). What seems to be your issue? A.