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  1. IQWIC control page examples

    Thanks a lot Dave... I hate upgrading software that works, I'll think about if this functionality is necessary.. If I upgradge and hate it, can I reinstall my 4.1?? Maybe I'll buy a new laptop and put it on that. Thanks again
  2. IQWIC control page examples

    Maybe I confused the issues by not knowing the terminology All I have is a USM-810. IQwin V4.1 is fine with it.. I have been playing with V5.1 but I'm scared to put it on my active machine.. I try to avoid doing upgrades to machines that work. thanks though D
  3. IQWIC control page examples

    I am having troubles making a custom control page. I want to emulate a sample one I got here in the forums (under labelling), and make a button that will open up a certain device. I can't figure out which "Eligible Component Control" to select to get the "Open Control Panel for ..." to show up. What am I missing? P.S. I'm trying to do this in version 4.1 because upgrades scare me. Is it just a version problem?