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  1. I have a CTS-8200 was found that temperature of one of output board (p/n:135313-1) is very hot, making that colour of heatsink change from black to brown. I checked all transitors and diodes , all o.k.. Would you please give me some advises for troubleshooting? I'd like to spend more time on finding out which component are defective, not just change the board. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I have a set up for IQ loop. My IQ-INT3 is placed at 12/F control room , and 20 pieces of CTS 4200 with IQ-MC4 are placed at 14/F amplifier room thru IQ loop 1 and another 20 pieces of CTS 4200 with IQ-MC4 are placed on 3/F amplifier room thru IQ Loop 2. I found that sometimes all MC4 of IQ Loop 2 can't be recognized thru IQ Window. I think that transmission distance is too long. How can I proof that through measurement. W.K.mock