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  1. I am unable to load the latest firmware into my older IT4000 amp. The amp is currently on V1.20 and I am trying to load V1301 into it. I am able to get to the TCP/IQ Utility, highlight the amp in question, hit send code, attempt to load ITDAPP-v1_301. When I hit open a new window appears, showing the IP address, filename, and progress at 0. the program never loads and a timeout window appears saying there was a problem sending the firmware. If I abort, it says there is a socket error # 10022 Everything else works fine with the amp and the IQwic software. Has anyone seen this before and/or does anyone have the answer??
  2. Has anyone noticed there is a latency in the reading of the meetering ON the amp? I've got it set to "peak" but the delay is 1/2 a second or so. Anything I can do to make it respond in real time?
  3. IT AMP discovery

    Thank you all for responding. I finally got the amp programed. The six amps I have routed through a switcher were no problem. The one lone amp I was attempting to program via a crossover cable just didn't want to connect.
  4. I can't download the settings i have made for an amp of mine because I can't get the amp to show up on the network. when I hit "discovery" it never show the amp. Both yellow and Green lights are on, on the back of the amp. The lan is connected. Computer IP address is set to Mask is set to What am I doing wrong? this is very frustrating!!!