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  1. Crown CDi1000

    Thanks Avi. I sent a message to the tech support staff and here is their response. This could be helpful to others so I'll post it here. Roger, Good afternoon. The 2-ch subs setting is a 90 hZ crossover point. If you need to adjust this, you can use the Harman Audio Architect software an a USB cable to program custom crossovers and EQ in the amplifier. Thanks Kevin
  2. Crown CDi1000

    I just bought a new CDi1000 amp and have a question about the XOV feature. I'm using the input mode: ch1+ch2 I have 2 12 inch subwoofers attached to the output. I have enabled the XOV feature and I see these modes: 90,100,1200,1500,2000, 2ch-sub, custom I selected 2ch-sub. My question is: What crossover frequency is 2-ch sub? I hear it crossed over but not sure what frequency it is. I've looked through all the documents and can't find the answer. Thanks for any help. Roger