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  1. Need guidance on new amp

    Also I read that you can mess a speaker up even if it isnt distorting? If this is true, how do I know where the limit is on my speaker with such a big amp?
  2. Need guidance on new amp

    I have no sub at the moment its coming very next thing but my current powered mixer is dead so the amp and mixer are musts. Are you asking me if MY JBL's are subs? My JBL's are just mains. Another question: With this amp will I be able to take the 2 smaller Behringer speakers out and replace with 2 subs once I get them provided that the ohms and watts add up correctly?
  3. Here are my speakers: 2 JBL JRX 115s (250/500/1000 @ 8 ohms) and 4 Behringer ??? (200/400/800) I'm on a strict budget and I found a killer sale on the Crown X4000 (1350 @ 4ohms/1000 @ 8ohms/2700 @ 8ohms birdged) I found it for $100 cheaper than other amps with only half power. I like to plan ahead and within the next few months I will be getting some new mains or possibly a sub(s) so I would like to get this extra big amp to save cash and have some more power in the tank for future additions to my setup. Another plus (in my eyes) is that I wouldnt have to run my amp nowhere near full strength to power my speakers. Ok here are some questions. Most importantly, could I run this amp with one of my JBL's and one of my Behringer on each side and wire them parallel? I believe that would put me at 675w on each speaker @ 4ohms which is wayy more than recommended but I have also read that just because the amp CAN do something doesnt mean it will and that its up to the operator to do the right thing. If this setup will work how can I make sure I'm not doing damage to the amp or the speakers? I know for the amp clipping and distortion for the speakers but could I damage them with no sign at all? If this setup will work since I wont be able to push the amp at full power will I be sacrificing sound quality or volume? I need this setup to work for me until I get my new speakers. Also getting a mixer. I have searched around alot and I think the one that will best fit my needs is the Soundcraft EFX12. It has enough inputs for me and my band at a price I can afford. Could someone please verify that this mixer is compatable with the Crown X4000 and my speakers. This is my 1st time buying PA equipment by myself and I would appreciate someone with experience to double check me and make sure Im not about to make a crucial mistake. Thanks for your time.