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  1. CTs8200 problems

    Would love some guidance how to adjust the amplifier cards in the above model.. I see 3 trimpots. R134 - Assumed to be Bias - looking at schematic R100 R120 I guess the process is to adjust one channel at a time with the other modules removed so one can get access to the trim pots. I would like to check that the adjustments are correct. My reason for asking is that every two years or so Q107 and Q110 fail on every module given time. They all have the little TO92 heatsinks fitted. I knew they ran hot and recently we bought a Fluke Infra-red meter and can now measure these transistors. Across the modules they run between 65 and 95 degrees centigrade. Need some help to fix two of this amplifier we have. Thanks for your time! Cheers Chris