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  1. Crown XLS 1000 - Thermal Lights

    Service was excellent. Crown sent me out a shipping box, I packed it up, sent it in, couple weeks later had my amplifier back in my rack. It's hard to find good service these days and Crown delivered for me - props to them!
  2. Crown XLS 1000 - Thermal Lights

    Thanks for the response. I would love to open up the amp but I fear that would void my warranty. I've already received an SRA to get the unit serviced by Crown. I have to say that Crown's customer service is top notch so far. They appear to stand behind their product and support their customers.
  3. Hi, I recently purchased this amplifier and after a couple of months the thermal lights started flickering on both input 1 & 2. I took the amp out of the rack, plugged it in standalone, the lights continued to flicker and now all I get is a blank display on the front. Any ideas or is the amp dead?