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  1. Suggested Amplifier Please

    Hi dakos. Thanks for your reply. They will most likely be driven straight from the source, I do have a small mixer that I can put in the line if need be. Whats the difference between the XTi and the XTi 2? Do any of the XTi or XLS have more than two channels per amp? I con only seem to find ones that have 2 channels, I know its not common to have more than 2 channels, I just thought that it may have been an option. Cheers.
  2. Hello Everyone. I am making my own system at home, something that is good enough for TV, but also good enough to really crank up when we have a few drinks. I am looking at purchasing the following: These are around 250w each when built. I am also looking at getting a 12" sub (which I have not decided on yet). I am also loking at getting these: So, initially I am looking at needing four channels. I would prefer to have this in a single amp, just to save on having multiple amplifiers. I have been looking at the Crown range, but am very confused as there are so many different "families" and there is not the best explanation of what the big differences are between them. So, I am looking for something preferably 4 channels, at least 250w per channel (more would be good for future proofing). It would be awesome if it had some form of DSP inbuilt for crossover, limiting, remote on/off and of course something that wont break the bank! It will be in a small rack in my house, so a semi-permanent install. I hope I have provided enough info for your suggestions. Cheers, Mike