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  1. XTi1002 Dead CH2

    Hello again, Well I took on board your suggestions and dusted off my trusty Levell TM12 transistor tester and measured all OP devices, they all measure good with Hfe of about 60-80ish and no leakage. I could not measure Vcbo as the Levell only puts out max 172v and the Vcbo junctions of all trannies would not avalanche at this voltage (These transistors are speced at Vcbo 400v) so I have to assume that all transistors are good. The rail voltages in the XTi1002 are + - 75V so, the amp, under any fault condition could not exceed max Vcbo of the output transistors. I put the OP devices back in after replacing the other duff drivers, bias diodes and resistors and powered the amp up, hey presto, amp powers up now with both channels and no DC on the outputs. I updated the firmware and set up some nice crossover preset settings (Ch1 LP 140Hz 48db/oct Ch2 HP 140Hz 48db/oct) for my set up stuck the amp in my rack and gigged the amp last night, all performed flawlessly including the other 2 musicians! So again the question why did the drivers explode, maybe it was just a tired transistor j
  2. XTi1002 Dead CH2

    Hi Folks, I have a XTi1002 with ch2 not working, actually the amp dosn't complete the power up cycle. It starts up puts CROWN on the display for 5 ish seconds then fires the crowbar and shuts down. Things I've done so far:- Removed both OP device heatsinks with devices attached, they all meter as good. Removed both driver transistors Q132 & Q133 which have exploded. Removed pre drivers Q129 & Q131 these meter OK, although I do have replacements. Removed R225 & R226 340ohmRs as they are both open circuit. Removed D189,D188,D187 & D190 as they are all short. Metered between collector connections of Q132 & Q133 and the 100ohm resistor R258 looks good. Checked Zeners D160,D151,D158 & D150 with a 20vPSU, a 1K resistor as a load and a multimeter and they all correctly reverse bias at 16v, checked D155 & D153 while I was at it and there ok. Metered the paralleled emitter resistors of the OP devices, all appear ok at 0.47 Ohms. Checked all the other transistors of ch2 on the board and they all appear at least with two good junctions. The amp now correctly powers up, all be it no ch2, but my question are:- 1. Should there be anything else I should check before putting new drivers Q132 & Q133, new pre drivers Q129 & Q131, new R225 & R226 340ohmRs, new D189,D188,D187 & D190 bias diodes? 2. Why did the drivers explode in the first place thanks j