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  1. Best Way To Set Up Our System

    No problem! Family comes before work. And I really appreciate any response that I get I'm now running the sub off of the crown xs 500 and as you most likely know already, it's a bare bones analog amp. So all processing goes through the DRPA+ Currently I don't have any limiters set up but I should prolly put one at least on the sub. The amp gain for everything is set so low for our normal services it didn't call for a limiter. This past Sunday I ran two mains off one channel of the xls2500 and one on the other channel, with the sub on the xs 500 and the DRPA+ did all the processing and I had more compliments than ever on how good it sounded. I think we've found a good start but I want to hear your opinion. Also I have been kicking around the idea of selling the xls2500 and buying the crown x4000. I know it's older tech but with processing would I benefit from the extra power? For the price I could almost by 2 x4000 for what I could sell the xls2500 for
  2. Hello everyone, I am the music minister of a church in Anderson Texas and we have recently been able to upgrade our equipment. I would like to know some opinions as to how I should set everything. Currently we are getting a pretty good sound but I want to make sure we are using the equipment to its fullest potential. Equipment List: Behringer x32 Producer DBX Driverack PA+ 1 Crown XS500 1 Crown XLS2500 1 JBL JRX 118S - Sub 3 JBL PRX 412M's for mains Our Building is 60 wide and 40 deep, with a 30 foot wood cathedral style ceiling. Very oddly shaped for a house of worship. Walls are pretty bare with beadboard waynes coating around the bottom and sheetrock from halfway up to the ceiling. It was an acoustical nightmare for the longest time. Their used to be concrete floors in the building but we have laid carpet recently and bought foam padded chairs which greatly improved the acoustics. In the near future we plan to place acoustic panels on the walls. We had a few panels up on the back walls to absorb the sound whenever there was concrete floors, but when we improved the aesthetics of the building with carpet a wedding party who rented the facilities asked for us to take them down temporarily. Since then they have not been back up, we wanted to wait until we could build enough to treat the entire room before we worked on that project. I understand that acoustics is going to be the main concern in this entire ordeal, but I want some insight on how to set up this system the best way possible. I have been setting up systems for about 8 years now and always felt pretty confident but I want opinions! Here is an explanation of how we currently have it set up. Behringer x32 as our mixing board output to the dbx drive rack pa+. I created a program with an eq for the building, both for hi and low end. Driverack hi output going to channel 1 of crown xls2500, drivrack low output to channel 2 xls2500. Gain knob for channel 1 40% control for three mains. Gain knob for output two 75% control for the sub. Quality seems really good. I get nice crisp sound and plenty of loudness. The only problem I run into is when our drummer hits his kick harder than normal it clips the amp on channel two causing the sub to make a loud pop noise. (I avoid this at all costs because I understand how detrimental this is to that sub). Recently I have dug out an old xs500 out of the closet and it works great. Plenty of power for the sub when in bridge mode. Really hits hard. How should I wire this all up with this new find? 2 mains on one channel of xls2500 and one main on the other, then bridge the sub on the xs500? Separate all the mains on different channels and run the sub on one channel of the xls2500? Not really sure where to go. We bought the xls2500 because I was told it would handle the load, and while it is sufficient 90 percent of the time, when I want the kick to hit hard it doesn't quite get the job done. Plus I feel like I'm putting too much of a load on the amp with the way it is currently. Also to give you an idea, the mains sit on a shelf about 12 feet in the air center stage facing out in a tri-cluster. They're not angled down at all but coverage doesn't seem to be an issue at all. I get consistent volume and no overlap of sound waves that I can hear. I want lots of opinions everyone post away! Sorry I got so long winded.
  3. 2.67 ohm operation in bridged mode XLS2500

    Thanks for the advice, and I do understand what you're saying about that only being the nominal impedance and I guess I never looked that deep into it to figure that out. That sounds like a better plan to me putting the two on one and one on the other channel. I will continue to run the xs500 for the sub currently. It seems to push it really well and sounds great. This is sort of off topic but we just purchased a Behringer x-32 producer, and currently do not use any digital processing separate from the digital board itself. Before we purchased this board we used a DBX Drive Rack PA + for our analog board. I noticed that some of the important features on the drive rack pa+ were in the board already so I haven't been using it. Do you think we would be able to achieve a better sound if we put it back into practice? Essentially it all boils down to having one less thing on the rack in the back and less wires ran, but if it would be better then it is worth it.
  4. Hey everybody, This is my first topic as I am new to the forum. I am a music minister at a church and we have recently purchased an xls2500 to power three JBL prx 412m and one JRX 118S. We planned on running the three 412m's as our mains off one channel and the JRX 118s off the other. This has seemed to work well and sound really good however. I have felt like I am under powering these speakers and thought of another way. I bridged the xls2500 on the three prx 412m's and brought out an old amp I have an XS500, and bridged it for the sub. I do know that the impedance for the 412m's is 2.67ohms though and I'm wondering how hard this is on the amp. I have not noticed any clipping at all and it has not shut off or shuttered a bit. It runs flawlessly and super crisp. I actually think it sounds much better than running all of it on one amp, which makes sense because more power will grant better quality sound. This past week we had VBS and ran a pretty high volume but again didn't notice any clipping or even the amp getting warm at all. The fans didn't even kick on, but which setup should I use on a daily basis. We only use about a third of the db output of these speakers on Sunday mornings. Any suggestions will be welcomed. I've been very impressed with the Crown amp. Also I would have loved to purchase the prx 612m's instead to have a built in amp but the speakers are 15 feet in the air and we had no way to run power to them.
  5. how do you start a thread? someone please pm me

  6. how do you start a thread?