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  1. just purchased used Xti 2000 start up issue

    Thanks Alain, Here is another finding and maybe this will explain more. If I hold the prev and next buttons on the front panel the amp will turn on anf the main fan runs and all leds light. The amp stays powered on thru this the whole time. Could this only be a firmware bug? I noticed the amp manufacture date is 2008. As far as your tests go, I have the board out of the chassis and I'm ready to test. Could you elaborate a bit more as I am not sure the locations of the items you mention. Like where i should I ground the meter probe? Feel free to PM me anything you think would help. Thanks again
  2. Hello all, I have been reading the forums here and searching for info on what could be causing my amp not to boot or start. When I turn on the amp the leds light and I get the display for a moment but right when the blue power led should come on it shuts off. If I leave it alone it seems to try again but it never shows the leds or the front panel like the first time I press the power button. I took the top cover off and blew out the dust. It seems this amp was used in a dirty environment. Upon inspection everything looked ok as far as burnt or leaky caps etc. One thing I noticed was that towards the back of the board there are 2 heat sinks right in front of the fan. One of them seems to be loose. Almost like the solder joints for the FETs were bad but I double checked and its almost like the legs of the fets are damaged inside the fet itself because the solder is solid. The other heat sink is sold this one wiggles around and does not feel right. Not that feel has anything to do with it but something is definitely going on here. I have obtained a service manual and grabbed a few screen shots of the part I am referring to. I have a good multi tester and would like to start troubleshooting, I have some electronics experience and have made a few projects/repaired things etc so all i need is sort of a check list type thing to get me going and Ill post back my progress. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.