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  1. CTs 3000 clip channel 2

    Is there any way I can get the service manual for a cts 3000? Thanks for your time, Alain.
  2. CTs 3000 clip channel 2

    Ahhh.... I just burn 1 of my amp. The Gate Drive board has been burned. 1 mofet is dead... NOw where can I order those? Please let me know. Thanks.
  3. CTs 3000 clip channel 2

    Ok, I will test soon. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I have 2 CTs 3000. One (amp A) works fine, one(amp B ) has some problem: - My main line is 240v, so I use a step down transfomer to 110v. Amp A works fine. Amp B red cip flick on channel 2. So I get a new step down transfomer to 120v. Amp B works. - When Amp B works, seem the channel 2 always gets a smaller signal than the channel 1. I "Y" input for Amp B, and it's still. Channel 2 is smaller 3-6 db than channel 1 on the LED signal of the Amp. - When I push it, channel 2 go red clip and limit quickly (no sound on speaker) , I just push at >= -10db (may -6db, led channel 1 flash at -10db, led channel 2 is -20, Of course). Channel 2 work for 1-2 seconds and clip, limit. I push harder, channel 1 works ok, sometimes channel 1 limits. - Onetime, I set channel 1 for main fullrange, channel 2 for monitor. Channel 2 clips quickly although I feed to it a small signal. And after a hard push, channel 1 go clip and limit quickly, this time I do not feed signal to channel 2, but on channel 2 the -10db led lights (light, not flash) and Signal light does not light. - Onetime, I set channel 1 for monitor, channel 2 for subwoofer(4ohm load). I feed a small signal to channel 1, and a ton to channel 2. Channel 1 signal led flash, sometimes -10 db led flash. Monitor sounds very good. Channel 2 led flash at -10db, only onetime it clips, but does not limit! And the bass is really tight, deep and punch! - When I test Amp B at no output load, the signal at both channel is equal (will test again) About the amp A, when it clips, it's hard to limit. I never push my system really hard, I have the dbx DR260 and I set limit on this. So please give me an advice to shoot this problem. Many thanks!