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  1. ITech 12000HD issues

    Oh ok thanks, I will check on this ASAP.
  2. ITech 12000HD issues

    Wait I just thunk about it. Does smps stand for switching mode power supply? I will check this out ASAP.
  3. ITech 12000HD issues

    Wow. Lots of info and detail there joust. First of all, thank you! I do know my way around the soldering iron, because I used to repair electronic industrial control cards. But I do not have much experience at all repairing amplifiers, just basic replacement of small components from the old school amps. This is only my third digital amp (I own two Xti4000 also). So I am also new to the digital amps. I have some questions: is it possible at all to post some pictures so that I may get a better idea of the components that I am looking for? Example, what is the smps and where can I purchase the thermal sensors? I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean so it is a bit difficult to get certain parts down here. Are the thermal sensors proprietary to only crown, or can I get a replacement from amazon or something? Amazon is the only easy online place I can purchase parts from, since I am living in Trinidad. Again, thank you for your gracious assistance on this! I was a bit scared that I bought a faulty amp. I am kind of relieved that it may actually be repairable. It cost me a chunk!
  4. I bought an itech 12000hd from a friend of mine and i only realized it had a problem when I played it for about 6 hours continuously. After the time, it just started playing very softly. I increased the input signal ,but it still played softly. I realized the fans were on hard, like an airplane. But the amp was cold. When I pulled up the temperature display screen, here we're the readings: Ch1 38, Ch2 39, and PS 80. I tried resetting it but no change. I left the amp alone for around a week, and then decided to test it again. On powering up I saw the following readings: Ch1 32 Ch 33 PS 51. I just left the amp on with no signal or load connected for around an hour and here were the readings Ch1 25 CH2 26 PS 72 This tells me that the temperature sensor on the power supply is giving me a wrong reading, because the amplifier was in air conditioning, and no load was connected nor any input! How do I fix this?