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  1. xls 1000 Voltage Gain?

    Hey Guys . Been a while but I have a question. If I have a xls1000 in bridged mode with a 4 ohm load what voltage do I need to get full output of the amp? Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Dakos, Not the same place. New place, I have heard them before and for the money they sound real good. The reason i am getting them is price to sound ratio and that they are easy to use when the ceilings are low. The other thing is i am going to get eight of them and put 2 on each ch so each ch will be a 4 ohm load. So that my effect the limiter settings. Oh yeah i am using them in a bar for background and forgound music as well as vocals for a live pa. the place where it is set up is very small so no big speakers and they don't want speakers on stands. Know of any not so expensive floor monitors that are pretty good? Thanks for all your help.
  3. Thanks for getting back. What crown amp would u recommend with these speakers? Xti1002 or the xls line? What model do u think is best. Thanks
  4. Hey Guy's, Just a quick question. I am going to use Yorkville c2891's Was wondering what would be the right amp to use? I think i can get away with XTI 2002's but i am not that sure so i wanted to check in with you guy's. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  5. Hey. Thanks for all of ur help. I have one more question. If I have my 2 412m on ch1 and they equal a 4 ohm load doesn't it raise the wattage? Why I ask is because the 6.76 dbfs you gave for the limiter is that based on a 8 ohm load or 4 ohm load or it doesn't matter? Like I said before thanks for your help.
  6. Hello, Here is the link to a bad pic. of the setup. if you look at the back right corner near the window you will see the sub. The speakers are a little bit in front of the railing with is where people stand to sing. So the speakers are out in front of the mic so pretty good for feedback. Also for the dsp setup it is a little weired because the front panel only indicates when you set the input eq not the output. And with that said you said to take a little 800 and 500 out. Should the be on the output? Thnaks
  7. Hello, How do you post pictures? this is not an easy site to post pics. thanks
  8. Btw. I am on a plane right now and will post something tonight. The pa points into the long point of the room have to fill in a area about 35 or 40 ft long by 20 ft wide. People stand in front of pa. And sit at bar.
  9. Hello. Thanks for replying. As for the summing da I do believe we have a rolls 67 with the dips set to sum. We use that as a switch for all sound. When bands play the mix there own from stage. We have balanced lines from stage feeding rolls mixer in the rack with amp. Not great but no sound man. As for positions of the jbl's they are 6ft from back wall and about 4 ft or so from side walls. Sub is behind mains. People stand in front of the pa. Like a typical pa setup with a small stage. For acoustics there are none. That would be something to look into. In reality it's not going to happen right away but would love to have someone take a look. The settings currently in the dsp are yours minus 6.76 dbfs and 1 second attack and delay. For crossover points they Are set for highs 62 butter 24db octave. And sub low pass set for like 70 butter 24db octave. I looked at the ev site and said something about a 30hz high pass but that's all it said. The sub is getting both left and right. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hey Guys. First time here. Great stuff on here for my same setup for the most part. So I will just come straight out with it and say I am not that great with math so I am looking for some help with my setup. I have a bar that us 50 ft in length and about 20 or so wide by about 15 high. With that said my system is: 1 crown 4002 xti 1 pair of jbl prx 412m ch1 1 ev elx 118 passive on ch 2 So the tops are flown and the one sub is on the ground about 9ft beneath and 2 ft back so if I need to add delay I thought you may need that info. We are an urban bar in nyc, we have from time to time dj, small band electric, karaoke, and open mic. The foreground music is Dominican, rock, rap, and some oldies believe it or not. So with that all be said I guess I am looking for some help with settings so it sounds right and so the help doesn't break anything. Btw at night the bar gets loud so the like to turn it up. Any help would be great and if you need more info I would be glad to give. Thanks