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  1. Thanks for that Joust, its cleared some parts up. I was busy so I will take another look at it this week. Thanks for replying
  2. We have a Crown I.T 4000 Itech series with a faulty board, the board is marked: on the bottom side PWB 136542-9 and on the top side PWA 137095-6 PWA 137098-8 PWA 137101-9 The resitor R12 is blown but the fuse on the board is intact and are signs of a prevoius repair, the Bridge rectifer looks like it was replaced and also a small transistor. Has anyone got a schematic for this board, also any info on the test points. Also, should E1 Led flash during normal operation. Would the board work in normal use if the ribbon connector is detached. Ie would that led be on or flashing.