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  1. Thanks again. Yeh I'm still in two minds whether to get the 3600 and run the subs stereo @ 1400w for now and add another later to run them properly. Also later gives me the option to sell the 3600 and replace it with a 5000vz or 5002 as that wouldn't be a huge leap. After all providing there is a rack management doing its thing it's not gonna hurt no matter which way I go really right ? Yes I believe you are right about the biamp'd lows of the top cabs being better off with a 3600 driving them and no doubt that will be part of a future maybe if I buy a 3600 now for the subs (instead of 2x2400's) and later sell the 2400 and buy. 5000vz then I could simply move the 3600 to the top lows and run subs with the 5000vz And with regards to the biamp'd highs, I think you are right again...and also, the cost of a 1200 over a 600 is not worth worrying about. So yes that leaves us with which management device..... Is the dr260 essential to my rig with the above 1step upgrades, or could I get away with a driverack PA or PX perhaps ? Or do I need at least the DR260 and look to upgrade this when I have the MT5000 running subs and MT3600 running low mids etc ? Really appreciate your insight and advice..I realise I can be stubborn and difficult at times, but I know what I want and like and simply need a little more experienced direction at times... My partner always says I don't even have a budget so I'm always working on a tight budget so need to take small steps but in the right direction...I had my eye on the DR260 ..and sometimes they sell quite low but often for good money too so had contemplated the PA or PX but I think one of them may not have enough outputs or something...can't remember why I thought it wouldn't be suitable. Thanks again...Kevin
  2. Thanks dakos My information comes from ebay too. So to confirm price territory in US or UK I-tech4000 sells for around £1000 in the US or UK Macro Tech 3600 sell for around £500 in the US or UK Macro Tech 2400 sell for around £250-£350 max Of course these model amps are always up for auction for more but don't sell at those prices. The XTI 1002 sell for around £250 Macro Tech 600 sells for less than £150 and in fact the Macro Tech 1200 can be found for less than the XTI Also I stated at the start of this thread that I required advice regarding the macro tech range because I have already served the time testing sound quality of the newer amps in comparison and they fail to come close. Considering the massive price difference on the used market it would simply be a royal waste of money just to say I have the latest tech when it sounds worse....perhaps this why you can get a Macro Tech i5000 used for £900 when a Macro Tech 5000vz still commands that kind of price. Regarding digital management seems I could buy as many macro techs as I wanted and the best management device on the used market and still save half the budget your advice would have me spend. The newer amps simply don't sound as good....actually being better is a question of application not sound quality with these amps. If the purpose is protection and that's what you require they are very well positioned of course, but I've already established which amp range im sticking with and that is the much more affordable to buy and repair, by far better sounding Macro Techs Also regarding hiss or floor noise, it just doesn't exist audible to most people in my setup at the moment. I use silver plated top quality balanced cables throughout my set up and the band or crowd do not know when it's switched on. So with regards to raising the floor noise, I have more than enough headroom there. I guess my questions have made me look like more than a novice than I actually am as they are basic in nature...but they are not will this work? Or are these solutions the best possible solution?...I'm simply asking which solution do you think is best and why? Because this is the best options I can find with my budget. And as I said before, this will continue to get upgraded etc in the future. So I guess the questions still remain. If a loudspeaker management device not unlike the DBX DR260 or better is present in my rack, Will the following be safe and efficient? And if not why not? ( I understand the following may not be the ideal power ratings etc) Do I bridge mono 2x MT2400's (one for each sub cab) or 1xMT3600vz in stereo for now and get another later? Will my existing MT2400 be sufficient to drive the lows of the biamp'd top cabs? And Will a MT600 or MT1200 be too much or not for the hi's of biamp'd top cabs? Thanks again
  3. Thanks again.. I was under the impression the 2400 was 2070w bridge mono mode @ 4ohms? And I see your point regarding the amp recommendations however won't buying those be a compromise in itself, I mean isn't a separate power amp that does just that combined with a seperate management system be a better quality route? My reasoning is this and has proven to be the case in my experience...two things doing individual tasks are better than one trying to do it all. Of similar quality of course Also I understand that the Driverack is itself a multi tasker, but is far from the expense of doing eq properly with a number of measurement mics doubt it's eq is not as good as ringing out using a good quality 31 band graphic either, but funds are limited somewhat. Also, considering I paid £250 for my macro tech 2400 there isn't an amp that can come close for that kind of budget. I have also demo'd and listened quite extensively to the newer lighter modern crown amps along side my 2400 and a friends 3600 on the same system and to our ears the macro techs are obviously and noticeably superior. Which is why I don't mind lugging them's simply worth it. It's very much the same story with the newer high end peavey speakers...they simply don't compare with the DTH's but of course there is a cost and in their case it's their depth and weight. Also, the I-tech 4000 is around £1000 secondhand....I can buy two macro tech 3600vz's for that or four 2400's So not really anywhere near the same price territory :-/ Or have I missed something? The XTI 1002 is also twice the price of a macro tech 600 and is 500w @ 4ohm You had me in the beginning but now I think you lost me lol
  4. Sorry forgot to say.. Our monitors are active and I use in ear monitoring for drums. I like the idea of speaker management etc with a DBX will I need a mic to eq the venues? And can you advise on the most suitable and affordable model for my application. Cheers
  5. Thanks Dakos, Yes I love these old work horses...and do not mind lugging the very well made cabinets around as nothing compares to be fair. We play indoor venues averaging 250 to 500 to maximum 1000 souls that are usually around 25 plus feet from the FOH. We play rock covers from ACDC , Black stone cherry, avenged sevenfold, dio, AUDIOSLAVE buck cherry etc We also use the pa for programmed music so ideally need to keep it stereo also. I understand I wouldn't really hear a difference using two 2400's to drive the subs but would the bridged mono 2070w @ 4ohm be better suited from a mathematical and headroom point of view..and would still be more affordable and theoretically better quality solution to one amp driving both subs, be it a 3600 or a 5000.. No? I'm also aware of the polarity fact they are already internally wired as such...they are fed with an 8 core cable then a 4 core feed from them to the DTH4's ..I'm very very familiar with both sets of these cabinets as I have completely restored and recovered them back to original and upgraded the cheap wadding in all to open cell egg box foam. The difference is like night and day too Yes those PDF links are of the correct speakers I appreciate I may have to use a limiter to protect the system and any advice regarding this would be helpful. Loving your intelligent and in depth reply...I am paying attention even if I have a limited budget. That said I am constantly looking to make things better and safer so the solution this week will undoubtably be bettered as and when I can. Hope this helps
  6. Hi all..I'm new here as a member but have followed from time to time. I perform and run the pa in a local rock covers band in venues up to 1000 people. My rig consists of Makie 24ch desk Behringer 2or 3way stereo 4way mono active crossover Behringer Effects Behringer fbq6200 graphic on the FOH / mains 1x Crown Macro Tech 2400 Pair of Peavey DTH2 top cabs (1x15 & horn) 400w @8ohm continuous I'm now mic'ing the whole band up including drums. My thoughts and questions are these...., I've recently bought a pair of peavey DTH4 tops (2x15 & horn) 600w @ 4ohm continuous to replace my existing DTH2's And a pair of peavey DTH218 subs (2x18) 1000w @ 4ohm continuous. I wish to run the subs with a separate macro tech 3600vz @ 1300w 4ohm stereo (prefer stereo rather than bridge mono so not pushing the amp) How suitable is this? (I don't want the expense of the 5000vz) These can also be biamp'd each 18" unit is 500w @ 8ohm continuous so would I be better off buying two more Macro Tech 2400 ( one for each cab bridge mono 2070w @ 4ohm) ? Also, the DTH4's can be biamp'd..the bi amp spec is as follows... Low is 600w @ 4ohm continuous and hi is 80w @ 4ohm continuous How suitable is my existing macro tech 2400 running stereo 800w @ 4ohm for the lows? And would a macro tech 600 running in stereo 325w @ 4ohm be too much for the hi's .? Im really only looking for advice on the Macro Tech range...cheers