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  1. Drift on output for XTI2002

    Okay did not know they were not class D still seems to be a power supply control loop that is causing this low frequency offset. The same issue comes up with when I use the CLIO system as well I can capacitive couple the amplifier to remove the offset I was just trying to avoid that. I will do a burst mode with a sine wave and see what I get.
  2. Drift on output for XTI2002

    The drift causes an offset in the speaker driver that limits the low frequency response since it induces a dc offset and lowers the output capability. i could use a blocking cap on the output but it does seem odd coming from crown this way. Maybe I am too much of an old guy about class D amplifiers acting like a A/B in the pass-band. When.When I have used sine wave burst same results. You can create this wave forms with a sound card and some software. Thank you everyone for your assistance.
  3. Drift on output for XTI2002

    My concern is not the latency my concern is the DC offset creep from zero to 10 volts in 11.2 milliseconds. I can adjust the control system on the latency the offset is another issue. I believe that it is an issue with the power supply not staying centered on the power rails....assistance?
  4. Drift on output for XTI2002

    The frequency is around 4 milliseconds so about 250Hz is what I am doing. The burst mode is triggered by a optical input. Notice how after signal is removed that there is a settling time is over 8 milliseconds when the trace runs out. the amplifier lead is connected to a 10x probe.
  5. Drift on output for XTI2002

    The waveform on the input is actually came from a waveform generator. There is no clipping on the input if you turn down the output the offset is reduced with the gain setting on the amplifier. The cursors on the output wave for shows the rise. I did this with a 4 cycle input. You are correct that the latency is there as well. This is a triggered output.
  6. Drift on output for XTI2002

    Above is both input and output dark blue is input cyan is output Below is just the output.
  7. Drift on output for XTI2002

    Okay I got my screen shots into tinypic but every time I try to use the image button or such the dialog box just sits there not doing anything after I put in the link. Assistance?
  8. Drift on output for XTI2002

    No protect engagement. I will check on distribution mode. DSP is off.
  9. Drift on output for XTI2002

    With a load the rise occurred in 16 milliseconds and with the peaks at 80 volt I was seeing a rise of 10 volts DC. Wish I knew how to download a jpeg on this board
  10. I have attached a scope shots of a rising dc offset and was wondering if this was a design "feature" of the amplifier. I can decouple it but was wondering if this was a known problem or not. This was both input and output. Below is just the output : Not sure how to get pictures loaded? Assistance?