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  1. whats the difference between bandmanager, and HiQNetSetter software, I have a xti 4000 Crown amp...that I don't think I've ever had working because of the difficulty of setting it up
  2. Thanks being locked out is the only thing that makes sense now !
  3. It seemed to work for awhile, but not loud enuff....so I tried to program something in...and at one point it seemed the volume knobs weren't working--meaning they didn't control the volume...even tho there was sound coming thru the speakers..which was very confusing...I don't believe I've ever got this amp to work correctly...so my real question is 2 part. Can I run the Xti 4000 with 4 speakers-JBL JXR 100 (2 out of each channel) in stereo? What do I dial in for that to work DSP off? or what? I thought I put in Stereo...and everything else just off....but it didn't produce any sound...this is very frustrating ! I can't bridge it because it seems to be a lot of power and I'm afraid of roasting my speakers that can only handle 500 watts...what am I doing wrong or can it be done ?
  4. I just can't get it to work. The speakers are jbl jrx 100 with 500 max and I run a cable one speaker then to the next in stereo 2 to each side, why can't I get that to work ? In the topic it should say XTi 4000