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  1. Issue MA-5000i

    updated the firmware tonight and no change.
  2. Issue MA-5000i

    I will measure and see. I can hear the difference in the 2 channels through the speakers. I believe this is the amp that Audio Architect informed me needed a firmware update. Any special procedure or tips before the update?
  3. Issue MA-5000i

    the system is hooked up running stereo.
  4. Issue MA-5000i

    sorry should have said, -6db on the output side. the input meters are reading level.
  5. Issue MA-5000i

    i noticed tonight that channel 2 on my 5000 is -6db less than channel 1. Is there something with the settings on the amp that would cause this or is there an issue with that channel. also, I can't seem to access the internal settings. I am using HiQnet Audio Architect. i can open up the amp settings, but can't seem to change anything like setting limiters. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? using the powered by crown app is where I seen the differences in the 2 channels.
  6. Preset indicator ma5000i and ma9000i

    Yeah rear flashing Preset Indicator LEDs.
  7. purchased these amps used just recently. the 5000 flashes green and the 9000 flashes yellow twice. what exactly is this telling me?