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  1. Amps did not go black all at once. One was in the rack for my main PA. First to go. The following two happened within a month of each other. Fans work. I flipped the breaker on an off for the heck of it, it was on. Pretty sure I have the last possible update but good, call. I will check. I don't use architect. these amps are 4-5 years old. power is from a 200 amp service into a distro that gives me a 50amp twist out that can flow through all 3 of my monitor racks. power is solid.
  2. My monitor rig consist of 12 crown i-tech 4000's. I have had 3 amps literally go black and all function stops. The blue power indicator stays on but the surrounding green LED light around the power button goes off as well as the screen. Typically unplugging the amp, flipping the rear power switch, and plugging the power back in can get the amp to light but never on the first try. Even if I achieve to regain power and function it is inevitable that the amp is going to black out again. No warnings of any kind. Has anyone had these issues? My rig is literally falling apart and while I contemplate forcing an HD purchase it seems a shame to just call the amp dead. Any help would be great!