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  1. XTI2 amp in bridge mode

    Thank you Dakos, this time I finally sent stereo signal to the sub. I'll try the "Y" mono way next time as I'd like to control the sub level from the desk.
  2. Hi, I'd like to use an XTI 2002 in bridge mode to feed a sub. The manual says that in bridge mode, the 2 inputs are summed. If I want to send a mono signal from my desk to the amp, do I have to feed the 2 inputs ? Or feed only one and link the other ? Or sending my mono signal only to channel 1 is ok ? Thank you for your help !
  3. Ok I got it. In fact it seems that when a preset is loaded with BandManager, even if the limiter is set manually at 0dBFS, limiter stay engaged even if the icon is lit off. If I load the "DSP OFF" preset, the amp clips normally near 5dBu. I think I'm ok now, once again thank you very much, your support is very valuable!
  4. So I don't want to become annoying, but I still have a question : I tested the amp by sending signal into it without speakers connected. (tried with pink noise and compressed music) And I'm very surprised to see that it's very difficult to clip it, even whith signal as high as +20dBu with sensibility knob turned to max. In fact amp should produce 650W with 1,4V (5dBu) signal, but in band manager, it never reach 0dBFS, even with limiter turned off. Is there any other sort of protection built in the amp ? I expected to see it clip far sooner.
  5. Thanx Dakos. As I still have a pair of speakers to buy, I might get the PRX415m instead, at least getting 3dB more with the same power. Is the xti 6002 rated at 1200W would be a right choice for these speakers (amp power equal peak power of the speakers) or is it to much and to risky ?
  6. 4 speakers are for versatility, I can use 4 for FOH if I need more juice, or 2 FOH and 2 wedges, dispatch them or have a wider diffusion if needed. My first thought was to match amp power with speaker program rating, but I think now that it may be a little short, i guess i should rethink my amp choice to match peak rating of speakers more closely. Should I use the same logic with the limiter on the sub ?
  7. It will be mainly live pop and soft rock (no metal), some acoustic jazz and folk, and sometimes recorded DJ type music. The full system I plan to acquire is composed of 4 prx412m with 2 xti 4002 amp, and 2 prx418s sub with 2 xti 2002 bridged amp. For the moment I have 2 prx412m and 1 prx418s.
  8. I have a X32. Setting the amp limiter at -6.37dBFS, I will only have these 6 dB of headroom. I was thinking of getting some more by going a little into amp clipping as I have seen elsewhere, by setting the limiter on the console a little beyond where the amp clips. These 2/3 db were to reach 9 db of headroom. So I guess if I want more headroom I need to lower amp RMS limiter threshold, or get a more powerful amp ?
  9. Thank you very much, I know what I am doing now ! I will set up my amp like that. Last question : I guess I will add a peak limiter on the output of my digital console. Should I set it so it allows 2/3 db into amp clipping ? Or avoid amp clipping at all cost and loose some headroom ?
  10. What confuse me in this preset is the threshold of -7,95dBFS that make me think of a RMS/Power compression limiting, and the attack time of 100ms that seems way too short for that. I guess I will increase attack and release time of the preset, I just feel shy because I should have confidence in the JBL preset... :-)
  11. Thanx Dakos, very interresting ! Hope to hear some words from JBL soon. I've just read your post about 4 sec attack and 6 sec release for RMS limiting and am still confused about this preset setting.
  12. Thank you Dakos, Sorry I didn't want to make a double post. I understand the settings are about to avoid overheating and power compression, and having enough headroom before clipping the amp. I guess what confuse me is the attack time, is 100ms enough to let peaks rise and use the headroom ? Also the third link you mentioned (Bennett Prescott) doesn't work.
  13. Hello, I'm a little confused with the limiter settings provided by the prx412 preset for xti2 amps. PRX412m is rated 300W continuous/600W program/1200W peak 8ohm XTI 4002 is rated 650W 8ohm Settings of the preset for the limiter are : Threshold : -7.95dBFS Attack : 100ms Release : 1s I find the threshold very low, if I follow this formula : 10xlog(300/650) = -3.35dBFS Also these settings are the same for 2002,4002 and 6002 amps, which seems strange. Can anyone explain to me precisely how these parameters are determined ? I have red many topics here on the subject but can't find a clear response. Also, attack and release are ok here ? I need to get maximum output from these speakers for live music without risking damage. Thank you very much!!!