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  1. Yes, I meant AA, you are right. Of course, if you like so, by the first chance I will upload photos! Thank you again for this valuable discussion!
  2. Ok, so I will keep installed both SA and BM and I will check frequently for updates. Next step is to test the hole rig outside.
  3. The amp is brand new, I bought it 20 days ago, (it was manufactured in 2014). When I run the Band Manager, it asked to update the firmware, else the Band Manager would not work. So i did. Is there a specific firmware newer than the one that Band Manager provided? I searched the update section and I cannot find any relevant update at the Crown website.
  4. Maybe this could be a motivation for a firmware update, so the attack time can be longer than 1 sec? This seems more like a bug, since the normal is to have the option for longer attack times.
  5. I installed the Audio Architect but the menu regarding the attack time is exactly the same with Band Manager. So the max value that accepts is 1 sec. Perhaps the XTi 4002 does not accept higher value? The release time can be set at 6 sec, but only up to 1 sec for the attack time.
  6. As far as I have read, I think the program that I can use is HiQnet Audio Architect, not the System Architect, that is the one that supports the XTI 4002. Do you agree? A for a feedback, I tried the values, with only one the of the two speakers connected to the amplifier in a room 10m x 5m. Even with the one speaker, I turned up the volume high enough, it was louder than a human ear can handle and there was no clipping at that sound level. I did not hear any pumping effect. I have to try the setup outside also to see the results.
  7. Thank you very much, I will try the values you proposed and I will see how it goes...In case I observe the "pumping" effect, then which values for attack and release would be appropriate? Update! The Band Manager 2.0 for the attack time can accept values from 0.01 sec up to 1 sec ! I cannot put 4 secs there! The release time can accept 6 secs. So what is your suggestion? I put 1 sec attack time (this is the max value it can accept) and 3 secs release time. Is it ok?
  8. And what about the frequencies above 18 kHz? Mackie gives a range up to 18 kHz. Do we need to alter anything for that? Thank you for your valuable help.
  9. What about the attack and release times?
  10. I used the following tone generator: I started from 100 Hz and went downwards (ie 90 Hz..80 Hz..etc). I noticed that down to arround 40 Hz the movement of the cone was minimal. From that point and downwards (ie 39 Hz..35 Hz..etc) the cone of the woofer started to move more. So I guess the frequency you asked for is 40 Hz. Do you think I made the test correctly? Above 40 Hz there was no obvious change to the behavior of the woofer (the woofer did not move almost at all). It started having larger movent below the 40 Hz. I ask you so, because I am worried if I did it correctly, since the frequency range, according to Mackie, starts at 47 Hz. It would be helpful if you could write a guide (with printscreens also if possible) which parameters should be altered ( ie filters, attack times etc, I use the Band Manager 2.0 software) and how you calculate each of them. I think it will help a lot of users.
  11. Unfortunately, the answer from Mackie is not helpful..I sent them the procedure you described before for the tone generator, if they could provide me with the specific frequency and the answer was the following: Hello, I unfortunately do not have the information you are looking. If you need this information you may need to perform the diagnostic you have described in the previous email. I also am very unclear as to why you need an LPF if you are only using mains not subwoofers and mains. Let us know if you have any other questions. Regards, Technical Support Team MACKIE | AMPEG | CRATE | BLACKHEART LOUD Technologies Inc. 16220 Wood-Red Rd. NE | Woodinville, WA 98072 Tech support: 800.898.3211
  12. Forgot to mention that both speakers will be placed in front of the audience. I tried also your calculator. For a distance of 15m, 96 dB SPL at listener distance (assuming pop music), with 101.1 dB sensitivity (according to Mackie), amplifier headroom 9 dB, the calculation shows 552 watts. So I think it is ok, since the XTI 4002 provides 650 W RMS per channel at 8 Ohm. Do you agree? As soon as I have the frequency discussed before, I wll inform you to help me alter the parameters of the amplifer.
  13. Thank you again for the answers. I have high technical background (especially with automation and control systems) but limited experience with the sound. The style of music will be folk,pop and rarely a bit rock. The audience will be appr. 60 people and close to each other and the level of sound will be ok, I heard in the past similar type of rig, without such a good amplifier and speakers. The speakers will be placed with an angle looking a bit each other. They will also be placed on stands about 1.80-2.00 meters above the ground. I will try to figure out the frequency you asked. I contacted also mackie for this frequency.
  14. Dear Avi, Thank you for your prompt response. I will try to figure out as soon as possible the fB with a software tone generator. Mackie states that a HF Protection circuitry is included in their speakers. Doesn't that help at all? Here is a direct copy from the website: HF PROTECTION YOU CAN RELY ON S500 Series full-range models all feature protective circuitry for the HF driver. When the speakers get driven beyond their limits — not that you would ever do that — the HF protection circuitry kicks in and immediately reduces power to the HF driver. There’s a couple of amazing benefits here. For one, you will clearly hear the highs drop in level, effectively signaling that its time turn things down. But the real benefit is that this will protect the HF driver from damage. Once you control the signal, everything will smoothly return to the proper levels. And the show goes on, night after night. As for the type of music that I am going to play, it will be all kind of music, from traditional folk music up to modern with a lot of bass. The rig will be used both inside and outside a house, for parties. In addition, the speakon cables (from the amplifier to the speakers) are 15 meters each, so I can cover a medium size area. Regards, Alexander
  15. Hello to everyone, I recently bought the XTI 4002 amplifier, two Mackie s515 passive loudspeakers (300 W RMS, 600 W program, 1200 W peak, 3.4 kHz crossover, frequency range at -10 dB :47 Hz - 18 kHz, 8 Ohm impedance) and the Numark Mixdeck Quad dj console. Could you please help me with the setup of the loudspeakers, in order to avoid any problems with them? I connected one speaker to the left channel and the other one to the right channel. I used the formula 10log(300/650) to calculate the dbfs for each channel (650 is the RMS watts of the XTI 4002). Do I need to alter any other parameter in the amplifier? The technical details of the loudspeakers are: Any answer will be appreciated. Electrical & Electronic Engineer MSc Mobile Robotics