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  1. NICE! Thanks dakos.. Yes, I'm going with the XLS series. A lot of good feedback with these amps for mains and surrounds. I'll report back when everything is set in place
  2. Thanks Dakos.. You've been helpful in this thread. Learned a lot. Ok so, I'm thinking yes. I'm just going to use my old receiver's preouts for now with a converter box to the amps. That should save me some money. Also, I've thinking if I still go with the 3 Xls 2000 for my LCR. Now, I'm thinking of getting 2 more Xls 1500 to run my surrounds. Yes, I didn't mentioned that with my LCR's I ordered. I also wanted to upgrade 4 of my monitors. Especially since I listen to a lot of SACD, audio DVD, and audio BD. I got 4 of these monitors coming with my LCR.. http://jtrspeakers.com/home-audio/single-8ht/ So I talked to my long time high school friend which actually the one pointed me the direction to Crown amps. And also been a DJ (now a promoter) for over 25 years now. I asked him about converter box. And told him what I was going to do. So recommended this converter box.. http://www.aphex.com/products/228/ He said it's very reliable and a solid product. And I really don't mind the cost especially it'll be a cleaner approach. You question to mic and REW? Yes. I've been using this mic with REW.. http://cross-spectrum.com/measurement/calibrated_umm6.html And this is the EQ I use for my subs.. http://www.dspeaker.com/en/products/20-dual-core.shtml Thanks dakos..
  3. Ok thanks. I understand now. So if I run my current receiver pre outs to a active converter. Then out via XLR to the pro amps. Is there downside in doing this? Does the converter box increase the signal to provide enough voltage to the amp? Now I'm looking at different options. I think if this route works, then I might ride with it for awhile. Don't know yet though.
  4. http://postimg.org/image/dwncg6vcb/ http://postimg.org/image/f07gs5fzf/ Ok.. These are pictures from a few months ago. It doesn't look like this anymore. For I have spread my subs around the room to get a more even response. Sorry pictures look kind of grainy. I took it with my phone. I will take more pictures with my dslr when I get the new speakers and amps..
  5. Yea, I've seen that on my manual before. I've done a lot of reading and asking questions about the preamp output of the receiver. I was told it should work. Don't know what this means. But read post #3476 and let me know what you think. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1112470/official-pioneer-mcacc-thread/3450 I mean if not I might just go with a active converter box since the amps will be in another room as stated in my first post. And also what you recommended. But, since my receiver is old but still going strong, I was looking into one of the two preamps I listed. They have balanced outs. The subs that I have from JTRs each have a built in plate amp. The manufacturer of the amp is Speaker Power. I'll try to get the picture uploaded today. Thanks..
  6. Thanks dakos for explaining what the speaker presets does. Learn something new everyday. My room I guess is fairly big (20Lx17Wx9H). The room is treated, but am looking into adding at the ceiling. My current reciever now is a old Pioneer. I know the RCA pre-outs are rated at 1.5Vrms. I was told it was more then enough to drive a pro amp. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/AV-Receivers/Elite+Receivers/SC-09TX I might try this route first by hooking my old AVR to the amps. If it works for me, I might just ride with it for awhile. If not, I'll just go pre-amp. The 2 I'm looking at right now is.. http://us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=avseparates&ProductId=AV8801 http://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=PR-SC5509&class=Preamplifier The Marantz I know is on the pricey side. But I've been looking around online, and found some for almost a grand less. And I know the BB store we have here in Hawaii price matches anything online . For the subs, I'm currently using subs made from JTR also. I have 4 of these.. http://jtrspeakers.com/home-audio/captivator-s2/ I have a picture that I took a few months ago of my setup. Though a few changes been made on the acoustic part to date. How do I upload the picture here? I don't see a attach file icon to click on. Doesn't the Xls also have built in dsp?
  7. Ok thanks dakos.. Jeff at JTR is a great guy. I'm sure he'll answer your questions. Let me know what you come up. I didn't mentioned if it matters, that I was jus going to use the amps in bypass mode. And let the receiver do all the xovers. Not to familiar with dsp settings. Anyway, my speakers are still being made so I got time. I'm gonna also look into the XTi series. I'm actually also looking into a pre-amp instead of using my AVR now.
  8. Thanks dakos.. Though I probably won't be using all that power. I don't want a amp to work hard. I want the amp to deliver clean power with ease. So more headroom I should say. Should I look into the 2500 model instead in bridge mode? Also, will the binding post on the XLS take a 10 awg wire? Thanks..
  9. ^^ I have three of these on order for my LCR. Btw, I will have the amps on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Im not going to use all that power. Its mainly headroom. http://jtrspeakers.com/home-audio/noesis-215rt/
  10. Hello.. I'm new in this forum. Been reading up on consumer to pro gear set ups. As this will be my first with pro amps. I have speakers that are 4 ohm rated that's on order. Anyway I had a couple question in regards to connecting RCA (unbalanced) to XLS amps. I'm looking into getting 3 XLS2000 to run my LCR in my HT. Each in bridge mode. Now my receivers pre outs are only RCA. And outputs 1.5Vrms. But I wanted to rack the amps in the next room over. So the RCA cables will be about 15-20 ft to the next room. Will this be OK? Or should I just go Unbalanced>active converter>balance outs>XLS amp? Thanks...