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  1. CTS4200a dead

    Just an update, I ordered the crown replacement lvps and installed it. The amp is now in working order again. Thanks for all the help and part numbers.
  2. CTS4200a dead

    That does help me, thanks Alain. The unit was manufactured in 2006 and has only one fan so I believe that makes it a 4200A. I'll give a call to a local service center about a replacement lvps, the meanwell doesn't have as much available amperage on the 15v rail.
  3. CTS4200a dead

    I have a very similar problem with my cts 4200, the powdec pte43-34 power supply has leaky caps and the unit makes a steady ticking noise about twice a second. When wired completely the fan in the amp will try to spin breifly along with the ticking. Where did you source the replacement and did it solve your problems? Also could the Mean Well pt-65c be used in its place?