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  1. Macro Tech 600

    Hi Avi, I can not post pictures at this time as I am still trying to acquire JBL 4520 double transducer scoop bins, they are significant with respect to placement of all the other drivers and transducers, when I get them I will post some pics. As far as crossover points they will be 100x500x2500x8000 give or take. Allan
  2. Macro Tech 600

    Hi Avi, here is what I have one side, all transducers and drivers are JBL. One 18" transducer 2240(8ohm) 600Watts RMS driven by MA2400. Three 15" transducers(parallel) 2220(16ohm) 100Watts RMS each (3x100W, 300W total) driven by MA1200. One 2482 driver(16ohm) 120Watts RMS driven by MA1200. One 2461driver(16ohm) 50Watts RMS driven by (MA600?). One(may be two, parallel) 2420 driver(16ohm) 30Watts RMS driven by (MA 600?). I have not purchased the two MA 600's until I know how to protect the HF drivers. Interpreting from the link that you sent me to, a compressor can be used to limit RMS for the HF drivers or is there another way? Keeping cost in mind as I do not have an unlimited budget. Thank you very much for your time! One more thing if you do not mind,the lamp option I do not know what it is or how to use it. As you may have noticed I am an amateur to all this and greatly appreciate all your help! Allan
  3. Macro Tech 600

    Hi Avi, thanks for the input! The system will be for studio(home) play back not live sound. I will be using active crossovers(behringer 2496 speaker management system) in a 5-way set up, so the limiter in the 2496 should be sufficant? I'm using an MA 2400 and two MA 1200's for the JBL 18",15" transducers with one of the 1200's on a 2482(2" compression driver) the manual suggests using line fuses on each transducer or driver. My concern is for the mid-hi and hi 1" compression drivers, thinking that the MA 600 is to powerful for the 50Watt(16ohm) and 30Watt(16ohm) drivers? Looking at using two DC300A amplifiers, but the inputs do not offer a balanced signal, can I use an adapter type cable for the signal coming from crossover(balanced XLR) to the DC300A's without significant impact on the signal keeping in mind the cable runs will be short, under 5 feet? Thanks for your time! Allan
  4. Macro Tech 600

    Hi Alain, thanks for all your help! A limiter along with line fuses will be used, that should be enough to protect the drivers. Thank you and have a great day! Regards, Allan
  5. Hi, looking to push JBL 16ohm compression drivers (50Watts or 30Watts) with a Macro Tech 600 not sure what the power ratings are for both channels driven @ 16ohms? Is the 600 safe, using speaker line fuses? Thanks for all your time! Regards, Allan